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Zethrid is a general of the Galra Empire and one of Prince Lotor's top generals. She is very muscular and has an affinity for violence.

 Powers and Abilities

She possesses immense strength and is highly adept at physical combat. The downside is that what she has in strength and combat prowess she lacks in mental acumen. Her affinity for all guns blazing space battle tactics can often be counter productive. When Lotor took his fighter into a gas anomaly to test the Lions had he fired his weapons he would have been blown off course wilded by the electro-chemical reaction like the trigger happy Paladins. She seems to be knowledgeable of weapons and in charge of them for Lotors ship, being the one that fires its large blasters and taking direct orders from Lotor to fire.


Considered to be a "wild card", Zethrid prefers to use violent means to win. She often encourages Lotor to attack their enemies directly and craves a proper fight. Zethrid is extremely loyal to Lotor. [1].


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