This article is about the lion as it appears in the original Beast King Golion TV series. For a list of other meanings, see Yellow Lion (disambiguation).

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Yellow Lion (黄獅子 Kijishi?) is the fifth lion and left leg of Golion. It is piloted by Seidou Tsuyoshi. It is the Golion counterpart of its Voltron version.



In early stages of Golion's design, Yellow Lion originally had a mane

Yellow Lion's main element is earth.

Abilities and Armament

  • Gatling Missile (ガトリングミサイル Gatoringu misairu ?)
  • Sand Mine (サンド地雷 Sando jirai?)
  • Yellow Sword (イエローソド Ierō sodo?)


  • Yellow Lion is the only lion that was piloted by a single character whereas the other lions were piloted by another person at least once
  • Yellow Lion, along with Black Lion and Blue Lion, originally had a mane in its concept design similar to Beralius from Mirai Robo Daltanious where Murakami drew inspiration from

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