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Wolo a blue-skinned member member of the Vehicle Voltron and Air-sub Team.His species is similar to Krik and Cinda's.He operates the Advanced Recon Helicopter(#3).And forms the right upper arm of Voltron.His vehicle is exactly the same as Chip's vehicle,but his is red and Chip's is blue.Wolo is a character with very little development.A liitle of his past is told in the episode Wolo's Lost World.He is also friends with Lance from the Lion Force.He and Lance pulled Cliff into a pool not long after Cliff

Wolo in uniform.

started going to the Space Explorer Academy.

This character is based on the character Shota Kreuz  from the Japanese cartoon Armored Fleet Dairugger XV.

Vehicle Force sub-series
Wolos ship

Wolo's ship.

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