Counter-clockwise from top: Voltron of the Near Universe, Voltron of the Middle Universe, and Voltron of the Far Universe.

The Voltron Pilot was first produced to sell the Voltron: Defender of the Universe (TV series) to TV stations. It provides a brief introduction to the three Voltrons (Near, Middle, and Far Universe) narrated by Peter Cullen before focusing on Lion Voltron. What follows is a condensation of the episodes Space Explorers Captured, Escape to Another Planet, and Princess Joins Up, with an especial focus upon the latter so that the Voltron Lions and Voltron himself may be properly showcased.


The characters had to be introduced very swiftly to be ready for immediate combat.

As such, much of the dialogue is slightly different as the early events of the series are dashed through; the Space Explorers (referred to here as "Space Pioneers") are not captured, the team has immediate unimpeded access to Voltron, and Yurak is treated as though he had already made a poor performance against them. At this point in the show's production, the voice actors and actress were still becoming accustomed to the voices used for the various characters, and the familiar Voltron score was not yet used (in its place is a competent but far less stirring soundtrack composed and conducted by Bill Loose which provides a more ominous, Beast King GoLion-like mood). Nevertheless, some series staples such as the use of lazon and the importance of interlocks, dynatherms, and mega-thrusters were established.


Voltron receives something of a baptism of fire; going "toe-to-toe" with a very powerful robeast.

This pilot is found in Volume 1 (Blue Lion) of The Voltron Collection. It is followed immediately by a second version which is very similar to Space Explorers Captured (with a clip of the climax from The Missing Key), yet it still refers to Castle Doom as "Darkstone Castle" and still utilizes the Loose soundtrack.


Coran: "I fear Voltron might lose this match."

Princess Allura: "He won't lose! My father created him, and the Space Pioneers know how to use him!"


"The Planet of Nym is all the brave Space Pioneers who helped defeat the wicked King Zarkon and restore our world to peace and prosperity. I, Princess Allura, name you royal heroes of the Kingdom: Keith, Sven, Lance, Hunk, and Pidge...and our special thanks go to them for being able to join together and produce Voltron: Defender of the Far Universe!


Praying for Voltron's success!


  • This episode may contain the only World Events Productions footage released of the Gladiator Voltron/Voltron of the Middle Universe.
  • It is twice mentioned that Planet Nym/Arus is over 2,000 light years away from Galaxy Garrison on Earth. This places the two worlds (and thus the "Far Universe") in the Milky Way Galaxy; the former's distance from the latter is somewhat greater than that of Deneb, the class A2 (white) supergiant forming the tail of the constellation Cygnus the Swan at ~1,800 light years from Earth, and somewhat less than that of the dimmer (class B) of the two stars of the Mintaka double-star forming the rightmost component of Orion's Belt.

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