Voltron Force is a 2012 comic book series primarily written by Brian Smith published by VIZ Kids, a subsidiary of VIZ Media.[1] It is a side story to the television series of the same name which was cancelled after its first season.

The comic book series would run from 2012 to 2013 spanning six issues. It would then be followed by a "true" short comic continuation after the events of the TV show included in the Thirtieth Anniversary book that concluded the Voltron Force franchise making way for World Events Production's collaboration with DreamWorks Animation to create the Voltron: Legendary Defender franchise.


Following the TV series own premise being a pseudo-sequel to Voltron: Defender of the Universe, the comics would continue to follow in that vain. Many years after the defeat of King Lotor, The Voltron Force would recruit three new cadets and train them to become their successors as pilots of the Voltron Lions. Maahox, a mad scientist, would revive Lotor and together they would attempt to gather Haggarium to fight the Voltron Force.


  • Daniel: The hotheaded cadet set on being the next pilot of the Black Lion, Daniel wields the voltcom that enhances speed. As a consequence of the events happening in the second half of the TV series, Daniel still carries his Haggarium infection which poses a danger to both him and the team.
  • Vince: Vince is the wielder of a strange power that he uses to aid the team against powerful Haggarium attacks. As a bright cadet, he excels in math and science and is shown to be very savvy with technology. However, he would also be shown to lack confidence in himself.
  • Larmina: The niece of Princess Allura, Larmina prefers to fight more in hand-to-hand combat as a warrior. Her own brashness would cause trouble for herself and the team.
  • Keith: The pilot of the Black Lion and leader of the Voltron Force. He is a former fugitive of the Galaxy Alliance that was under Wade's control. Taking his role as defender of the universe seriously, he maintains a close eye on the cadets to ensure that they will become the best fit for the new generation of the Voltron Force.
  • Lance: The pilot of the Red Lion, Lance keeps a close eye on the cadets and trains them as the new generation of pilots while acting as their guardian as they train on Planet Arus. However, being their instructor and guardian, leads Lance to have his own conflicts with Daniel's own hotheaded attitude.
  • Allura: The princess of Planet Arus and pilot of the Black Lion, she is the aunt of Larmina. With both responsibilities, she struggles with balancing out her duties to both the universe and to her own people. In training the cadets, she hopes to have Larmina become an appropriate successor to the Blue Lion.
  • Hunk: Hunk is the pilot of the Yellow Lion and the mechanic of the team. His fun-loving attitude would make him the closest to the cadets among the team members.
  • Pidge: Pidge is the technology-savvy Green Lion. He is responsible for maintaining the technology the team uses and the castle defense system. He shares his passion for computers with Vince who in turn would become his successor to the Green Lion.


Main Line

The main line of Voltron Force comics released by VIZ Kids that were published every two months. Each issue would span approximately 92 pages and would be a different story that didn't necessarily conflict with one another or the TV show itself.

Issue. # Date Title Writers Artists
1 Apr 2012 Shelter From the Storm Brian Smith Jacob Chabot
The mighty robot Voltron is back! And three young cadets--Daniel, Larmina and Vince--are training to become defenders of the universe.

But King Lotor and his villainous minion Maahox have other plans. They’ve unleashed a horrifying storm, churning with evil energy. When Daniel, Larmina and Vince are sucked into the vortex, their worst nightmares come true!

2 Jun 2012 Tournament of Lions Brian Smith Dario Brizuela
When a cargo ship in deep space sends out a distress signal, it’s the Voltron Force to the rescue! But without warning, Daniel, Larmina and Vince find themselves fighting the greatest warriors in the galaxy for the right to pilot the Voltron lions!
3 Aug 2012 Twin Trouble Brian Smith Horacio Domingues
Now that Daniel’s a Voltron Force cadet, he can’t wait to show off in front of his former classmates at the Galaxy Alliance Flight Academy. He owns the skies in Black Lion! Suddenly, two mysterious ships appear out of nowhere and put Daniel’s flying to shame. Who are these mysterious new pilots? And is their presence at the Academy an act of peace or aggression?
4 Nov 7 Rise of the Beast King Brian Smith Alfa Robbi
No one knows for certain how Voltron was formed, but one ancient legend claims the mighty robot had a sixth part: a terrible warrior spirit called the Beast King. Acccording to the story, the Beast KIng was separated from the five robot lions and forced into a deep slumber. Now, an ancient evil is stirring. Has the Beast King has awakened to rejoin its destructive spirit with the Voltron Lions?
5 Dec 2012 Dragon Dawn Brian Smith Albert Carreres Guardia
On Planet Doom there’s a species of dragon that hatches every hundred years. The eggs are just about to hatch, and Maahox orders the Drule army to collect them and ship them off to Planet Arus! Will the dragon dawn be too much for the Voltron Force?
6 Feb 2012 True Colors Brian Smith Jacob Chabot
All of the Voltron Force's enemies from past battles - The Drule twins Zora and Roza, Daggor, Kai-Borg and Prince Nebulax - have joined forces with King Lotor for the ultimate battle of good versus evil. And this time, Lotor is in command of something he's never had before - the Voltron Lions!

Could this be the end of the Voltron Force?


Date Title Writers Artists
May 2012 Shelter from the Storm Brian Smith Jacob Chabot
The Free Comic Book Day version of the release. It contains the first 26 pages of the first volume.
Oct 2014 Voltron: From Days of Long Ago: A Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration Brian Smith Jacob Chabot
A short comic at the end of the 30th anniversary book, it is the "true" sequel of the TV show and would have elements of what was originally going to be the second season.


Brian Smith, the main writer of the comic books, was working with Nick Animation's publication company. Through there, he would work on collaborations between Nickelodeon and VIZ which included its Winx Club license. After leaving Nickelodeon, he was invited to work on the Voltron Force comics after VIZ acquired the comic book license. The comics were in development before the initial show aired on TV.[2]

During the original run of the Voltron Force television series, the partnership between World Events Productions and Mattel originally sought to create a toy line based on the series.[3] However, Mattel would later cancel their license after the initial reveal of the prototypes for Voltron Force. The cancelled partnership meant no merchandising to fund the series thus leading to its cancellation after its first season.

Instead of the comics serving as a mere tie-in for the main TV series, much like Voltron: Legendary Defender's own comic book series running alongside it, it would be the final run of the Voltron Force franchise. However, certain issues would directly call back to continuities in the show while others would diverge with different plot lines.

Brian Smith would later work on Voltron: From Days of Long Ago: A Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration.