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Netflix and DreamWorks Animation (DWA) have announced a new original animated Voltron series to debut in 2016 as an expansion of their existing multi-year agreement.

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The official logo was released on February 8, 2016,[1] while the entire first season was released on June 10, 2016[2]. The second season was released on January 20, 2017. The third season was apparently scheduled to air a total of 13 episodes in September 2017.[3] The date was later moved to August 4, 2017.[4]


Defenders of the Universe


The pilots of Voltron, also known as the Paladins:[5]


The last survivors of Planet Altea:

  • Princess Allura (voiced by Kimberly Brooks) - Princess of Altea and commander / pilot of the Castle of Lions
  • Coran (voiced by Rhys Darby) - Allura's royal advisor and operator/mechanic of the Castle of Lions
  • King Alfor (voiced by Keith Ferguson) - Allura's father and previous king of Altea, responsible for sending the lions to the far corners of the universe for protection, who died in the Altean Genocide

Galra Empire

  • Emperor Zarkon (voiced by Neil Kaplan) - Leader of the forces of Galra and conquerer of most of the known universe.
  • Prince Lotor (only mentioned)
  • Witch Haggar (voiced by Cree Summer) - Head of the Druids, a group of witches in the service of Zarkon who gather the quintessence as a power source and create the robeasts to fight Voltron.
  • Commander Sendak (voiced by Jake Eberle) - A Galran commander tasked with capturing or destroying the lions along with Allura's castle. He is the first major enemy fought by the Paladins.
    • Haxus - Sendak's second-in-command



Voltron: Legendary Defender/Episodes


  • In an interview, Tim Hedrick, Voltrons story editor, was asked "...Will we be seeing any LGBT content in Voltron?" to which he responded, "I think I'll let that play out as we go. No comment on that question."[6]


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