The Voltcoms are used throughout the Voltron Force series, they are used by the Voltron Force to bring out weapons and protection suits.


The Voltcoms are not only tactical devices for the Voltron Force, but also their link to the Lions and to each other[1]. A Lion key is needed to activate the Voltcom with the power of the Lions. The user can think of something and the Voltcom would automatically do it. How it works it picks up body signals; minor muscle movements, adrenaline levels, blood pressure, and associate with those with specific Voltcom function. Making the Voltcom full of biometrics or in some cases magic[2]. The Voltcom also picks up the user natural talents and abilities then adapt to strength them and then chooses a weapon for you, base on the user fighting abilities.[3] The weapons are solidify light, their colors are base on their users and almost every time, the weapons is electrify each time it is summon form the Voltcom.



  • Voltcom Color: Sky-Blue
  • Weapon: Sky-Blue Dual Swords


  • Voltcom Color: Red
  • Weapon: Red Dual Pistols
  • Weapon: Hot Hands


  • Voltcom Color: Green
  • Weapon: Green Smart Stars


  • Voltcom Color: Yellow
  • Weapon: Yellow Claw Hammer


  • Voltcom Color: Blue
  • Weapon: Blue Bow and Arrows
  • Weapon: Blue Whip


  • Voltcom Color: Lite-Blue
  • Weapon: Lite-Blue Stick/Staff
  • Weapon: Lite-Blue Half-link Staff
  • Weapon: Lite-Blue Spear


  • Voltcom Color: Orange
  • Weapon: Orange Hands and Feet Claws


  • Voltcom Color: White
  • Weapon: White Wires


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