• LanceandPidge


    February 27, 2017 by LanceandPidge

    Okay, so this is just a cool idea that the writers of Voltron may want to consider as a cool alien creature.

    It had a long sleek body, 10 feet in length. Large emerald eyes sit deep within the creature's long, hard skull, which gives the creature a rather intimidating looking appearance. Several small central horns sit atop its head, just above its large, dog-like ears. Large fan-like skin and bone structures runs down the sides of each of its jaw lines. Its nose is raised slightly and has two long, angular nostrils and there's a small crystal on its bottom jaw. Several rows of large teeth poke out from the side of its mouth and show a glimpse of the terror hiding inside. Fangs long as swords extrude from the upper jaw, then fold back like …

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