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The following companies have released officially licensed toys based on Voltron properties or Japanese predecessors.

All toys are of the Lion Force unless otherwise specified.

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Former License-holders

Bandai America

Prior to the Voltron series, GoLion and the New Super Abega were part of Bandai America's Godaikin toyline.


Matchbox distributed the first series of die cast toys, which included Voltron I, II and III (some of the Matchbox toys were subject to a recall due to the use of lead paint), with earlier packaging referring to the Vehicle Voltron as the Warrior Voltron.

Panosh Place

Main article: Panosh Place

Panosh Place then purchased the rights, and released the 3 3/4" line of vehicles and action figures based around the Voltron III GoLion robot (a catalogue also showed action figures of the three Vehicle Team leaders, though these and additional action figures from the Lion Force remained unreleased).


LJN took over near the end of the series to release various versions of the Voltron III robot, and only a couple of Vehicle Voltron toys.


Main article: Trendmasters

Trendmasters had the license in the mid-to-late '90s.

  • Voltron - slight modification of the original Matchbox die-cast Lion Force set
  • Stealth Voltron
  • Voltrex - the "Dino" Voltron


Main article: Mattel

Mattel held the license in the early 2010s and shortly after discontinued their partnership with WEP after.

  • Matty Collector Voltron set
    • Red Lion & Lance
    • Yellow Lion & Hunk
    • Green Lion & Pidge
    • Blue Lion & Allura and Sven
    • Black Lion & Keith
  • Blazing Sword Voltron
  • Voltron Force lions (cancelled)


  • Funko Pop Voltron
  • Funko Hikari Vinyl Voltron
  • Mystery Mini Voltron

Current License-holders


Main article: Toynami

  • Masterpiece Voltron (plastic) - like the metal one, but plastic
  • Masterpiece Voltron (metal) - really articulated
  • I-Men - mini-figures of the Lion Force pilots and the lions
  • Shogun Warriors


Main article: Bandai

Bandai is the current holder for the classic Voltron license.

  • Soul of Chogokin GX-71 Golion

Playmates Toys

Main article: Playmates Toys

Current holder for the Legendary Defender license.

  • Deluxe Electronic Voltron (combined set, parts packaged separately):
    • Deluxe Electronic Black Lion
    • Deluxe Blue Lion
    • Deluxe Yellow Lion
    • Deluxe Red Lion
    • Deluxe Green Lion
  • 5.5 inch figures
    • Black Lion
    • Yellow Lion
    • Red Lion
    • Green Lion
    • Blue Lion
    • Voltron (sword and shield)
    • Myzak
  • Roleplay (mask and weapon)
    • Electronic Transforming Sword
    • Voltron Defender Gear (w/ sword)
    • Red Lion Defender Gear
  • Ultimate Voltron Electronic Figure (14 inch)


The Lion Voltron robot toy was also widely released as Lionbot which was essentially a Hong Kong produced bootleg version of the toy, identical to the Godaikin version.

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Though not under the Voltron license, a version of Vehicle Voltron sporting a different color scheme was released under a different name to Toys R' Us in the late 1990s. The variation was packaged as fully combined in robot mode behind a clear plastic window box.

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