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The Legend Begins
The Legend Begins
Air date August 4, 2017
Written by Tim Hedrick
Directed by Eugene Lee
Episode Transcript
The Legend Begins is the seventh episode of the Third Season of Voltron: Legendary Defender and is considered a 'finale' due to Netflix's decision to split the third season into two parts.

Plot Summary

Haggar tries to wake Zarkon, but only ends up looking onto glimpses of memories of the past when he was a Paladin.

The team try to figure out Lotor's plans. Shiro suggests that learning the history of when the lions where made will help them understand the situation and begin to work from there.

The original Paladins began as a good leaders who had come together to bring peace and later to become friends. They would travel to other planets to help maintain peace.

While on a mission Alfor rushes into battle alone only to be surrounded and out numbered. Zarkon and the others, Trigel, Blaytz and Gyrgan, come to his aid. Later at a diner on planet Daibazaal, the group are talking when a comet crashes. After evacuation and closing off the area Alfor begins to research the comet, quickly learning of its ability to travel through alternate realities. The hole the comet made it the planet created a rift to another reality. An Altean alchemist, Honerva, comes to lead the investigation on the rift while Alfor research the comet's core back on Altea.

Years pass and Zarkon married Honerva, while Alfor visited eventually bringing with his younger daughter with him. During this time Alfor began to create ships from the comet and Honerva learned of the energy source of Quintessence and how a single drop can power an object from extreme amounts of time. She also sent signal into the other reality and one of it's creatures came over and is currently contained. This action show how Honerva is not being as careful with her investigation as Alfor wishes. At that moment more of those creatures come out of the rift and begin to cause damage, but they are quickly contained in a particle barrier. However it will not hold for long. Alfor's work is the only thing that can save the planet.

Alfor takes Zarkon and the others to see the ships he had been making, the lions. He beings to explain how the ships are different and how he felt a psychic link with his lion while testing it. The ship evolve and their powers that the possess will become unlocked in time. The other there start to feel the bond to their own lion as they choose their Paladin.

With little time the groups fly to Daibazaal to fight the creatures right when it breaks through the barrier. Their attacks are not hitting. Alfor gets the feeling of having to go into formation. The group then forms Voltron and defeats the creatures.

Alfor wants to seal the rift to avoid a repeat of the events of the attack however Zarkon decides to keep it open so Honerva can continue her investigations. The Paladins still traveled through the Galaxy maintaining peace and bringing a new age of exploration. At this time Voltron became known as the Defender of the Universe.

Time has passed and the planet of Daibazaal does not look as healthy as it used to. Alfor visits to see how the planet is holding up. Zarkon is unwilling to leave the planet do to Honerva's research. While talking to Honerva her cat from when she first got to the planet is seen. Alfor learns that he fell ill and Honerva treated him with Quintessence. Honerva is hostile to anything that Alfor says and her marking have changed to red lines. Zarkon talks of ruling the universe, using Voltron to travel through the rift and living for ever. Alfor leaves wanting nothing to do with his plans. Honvera faints once he is gone.

Back at Zarkon's place Honvera is speaking about Quintessence and entering the rift with Voltron. Zarkon tells the other Paladins that his wife has fallen ill and that his planet in nearly in pieces. He wants them to help him close off the rift. They all agree to help.

Using Voltron they enter the rift and Zarkon's true plan is shown. He and Honvera are outside of the lion and floating in pure Quintessence. The creatures return and Voltron makes their escape. After leaving the rift they find that Honvera and Zarkon are dead due to overexposure of Quintessence.

Alfor then evacuates the planet and gets rid of the rift by destroying the planet. He holds a funeral for the two of them. However they both come back to life and learn that their planet is not longer existing. He then takes revenge by destroying Altea in the war but not before Alfor could send the lions away to the farthest corners of the universe.

Haggar remembers her past and Zarkon opens his eyes at her plea for him to come back to her.

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