Shiro: Coran, How soon will we get to the Blade of Marmora's base?

Coran: Based on the coordinates that Ulaz gave us, we should be there within a few doboshes.

Pidge: I can't wait to see it! I mean, they were able to fold space-time, and that was just at an outpost!

Hunk: Mm, the space taco. It left us too soon. [stomach grumbles].

Pidge: Well, sure, but my point is, imagine how amazing their home base will be!

Hunk: Exactly. It could take on any shape. Like a space jelly donut. Or long, like a space éclair. Or a space cheese blintz with a cherry sauce on top. Maybe a little dusting of powdered sugar. That's the stars.

Lance: Aw! Now, I'm hungry for breakfast.

Keith: Guys, this is a serious mission. We need to focus.

Lance: [mockingly] "We need to focus."

Coran: The base is in range.

Shiro: Take us in slowly.

Coran: That might prove the tiniest bit of a challenge.

Hunk: Is that a black hole?

Coran: No, no, no, no, no. It's two black holes and a giant blue star.

Hunk: That's not better.

Pidge: No kidding. Just inside a black hole, the temperature is one millionth of a degree above absolute zero. But, just outside of that, it's hundreds of millions of degrees Celsius.

Hunk: Okay, it's like when you try to nuke a frozen burrito in the microwave, and it comes out all scorching hot on the outside, but it's still frozen in the middle, right?

Lance: Now, I'm hungry for lunch!

Keith: Guys, quiet! Coran, where's the base located?

Coran: In between those three deadly celestial objects.

Pidge: The perfect defensive position.

Allura: Or the perfect trap.

Hunk: Yeah, I'm with Allura. Maybe we shouldn't, like, go in there at all?

Keith: What are you talking about? We have to go in! This is the whole reason we came out here! There is no other option!

Lance: Okay. Jeez. Calm down.

[electronic beeping]

[female computer voice] Identify yourself.

Shiro: Open a hailing frequency, Coran. We are the Paladins of Voltron, sent here by Ulaz.

[female computer voice] Two may enter. Come unarmed.

Allura: Why would they insist we come unarmed? Shiro, this doesn't feel right.

Shiro: We've come too far to turn back now.

Coran: They just sent us a route to the base, but we'll have to move quickly. Because of the solar flares, it's only open for another varga. Then, it will be closed for two quintants.

Hunk: They're gonna close it for two years?

Pidge: Two days.

Hunk: Oh.

Lance: So, any thoughts on who's gonna join you on this little mission? I'm thinking things might get a little hot, so you're gonna want someone who can stay cool.

Shiro: You're right. Keith, you're coming with me.

Lance: Keith's a hothead! He's probably going to shoot first and ask questions later! And they're not gonna be able to answer his questions because they'll be dead!

Shiro: We haven't yet severed Zarkon's link with the Black Lion, so it has to stay here. And the Red Lion can withstand the heat from that sun. So, yes, it'll be Keith.

Coran: The course to the base will be quite treacherous, to say the least. You're walking a razor's edge between the gravitational pull of the black holes and the sun. One false move, and you'll either be crushed into infinity or burnt to a crisp.

Shiro: Keith, is everything okay?

Keith: I'm fine.

Shiro: You kind of blew up at everybody back there. You'll have to control your emotions if you're going to lead this group someday.

Keith: [chuckles] Lead the group?

Shiro: When we were stranded, I told you, if anything ever happens to me, I want you to lead Voltron.

Keith: I thought you were just delirious with pain. Why would you make me the leader?

Shiro: Because I know what you're capable of, if you can learn some self-discipline.

Keith: Why are we even talking about this? Nothing is gonna happen to you.

Shiro: It's just in case. I need you to get focused. When you and Allura ran off, it put us all in jeopardy. If you're going to be a leader, you've got to get your head on straight.

Keith: I'm sorry. I've just had a lot on my mind.

Shiro: I know. We all have.

[grunts] - [alarm blaring]

Keith: We're getting drawn in by one of the black holes!

Shiro: Get us out of here! Great job! That was close.

Keith: There's nothing here. This place just looks like a plain asteroid.

[loud rumbling]

Haggar: I am going to ask you some questions. I will know if you lie.

Kolivan: I am Kolivan, leader of the Blade of Marmora.

Shiro: My name is Shiro and this is Keith. We are Paladins of Voltron.

Kolivan: I know who you are.

Shiro: Then you know we were sent by one of your own.

Kolivan: Ulaz was a fool to divulge this location to you. He had a penchant for ignoring orders and following his impulses. That's what got him killed.

Shiro: He gave his life to save us! What he did brought us here today, and Voltron is ready to assist you. Are we welcome here or not?

Kolivan: You were told to come unarmed.

Keith: You also told us to identify ourselves. The lions are about as close as we come to an ID.

Shiro: If anything happens, believe me, you'll be happy you have the Red Lion on your side.

Kolivan: I imagine we would. However, I wasn't referring to your beast.


Shiro: Keith!

Antok: He has one of our blades! Who did you steal this from?

Keith: I didn't! I've had it all my life!

Antok: Lies!

Kolivan: Can you corroborate your friend's statement? Does this blade truly belong to him?

Shiro: I... I don't know.

Keith: Shiro, you know me. I promise you I didn't steal it. I've had this knife as long as I can remember.

Antok: We can't trust them.

Keith: I'm telling the truth. I saw Ulaz had a knife like this. Tell me what it means.

Kolivan: Our organization is built on secrecy and trust. You two should leave. Now.

Shiro: We came here to form an alliance, but obviously, we're not welcome. Come on, Keith, we're leaving.

Keith: Not without some answers. Somehow, one of your knives ended up with me on planet Earth. Tell me how.

Kolivan: Your friend is right. It is time for you to go.

Keith: Where did it come from? I have to know.

Kolivan: You seek knowledge? There is only one way to attain knowledge here.

Keith: How? I'll do it!

Kolivan: The trials of Marmora. Should you survive, you may keep the blade and its secrets will be revealed.

Shiro: Survive? Keith, this is crazy. If they're not going to help us, let's get of here.

Keith: I'm not going anywhere. I have to do this.

Kolivan: Antok, give the boy the blade.

Antok: We will meet again.

Keith: Can't wait.

Kolivan: These trials result in one of two things. Knowledge or death.

Fighter: Surrender the blade. You cannot win.



[Keith grunting]

[screams, groans]

Shiro: Come on, Keith.

[grunts, groans]

Fighter: Surrender the blade and the pain will cease.

Keith: I won't quit.

Fighter: Then the pain continues. You are not meant to go through that door.

Shiro: This is not a fair fight!

Kolivan: Nor is taking on the Galra, yet that is the fight we face.


Fighter: Surrender the blade and the pain will cease.

Keith: Never!

Fighter: You are not meant to go through that door.

Keith: [breathing heavily]

Shiro: How long does this go on?

Kolivan: Sometimes, the greatest challenge is knowing when to stop.

Shiro: He'll never quit.

Kolivan: One way or another, this will end. Knowledge or death.


Allura: How long has it been?

Coran: Roughly ten vargas.

Allura: We cannot just wait here.

Lance: The path is closed for, like, I don't know, 30 more vargas or something?

Coran: That's actually correct.

Hunk: Really?

Lance: Yeah, I wasn't born yester-quintant.

Allura: I-I have to know what's going on down there.

Pidge: There's no way to get a read on their base. Too much interference from the solar flares and the black holes.

Hunk: If we account for the gravitational lensing, maybe we can reduce the noise and interference and connect with the Red Lion's sensors, right? Th-That's right, right?

Lance: Are you looking at me?

Coran: We can give it a try.

Allura: Get on it.

[electronic beeping]

[metal clanging]

Soldier: Haggar wishes to speak with you.

Keith: [breathing heavily]


Shiro: Keith!

Keith: Guess I really wasn't supposed to go through that door. [groans]

Shiro: Hey, man. You did it.

Keith: Shiro?


Shiro: Kolivan told me you lasted longer than anyone ever has in those battles. You don't have to keep this up.

Keith: What are you talking about?

Shiro: Just give them the knife and let's get out of here.

Keith: I can't give it to them, Shiro.

Shiro: Is that a hologram?

Kolivan: His suit has the ability to create a virtual mindscape, reflecting its wearer's greatest hopes and fears. And, at this moment, your friend desperately wants to see you.

Shiro: What is it with you and that thing?

Keith: It's the only connection I have to my past. It's my chance to learn who I really am.

Shiro: You know exactly who you are, a Paladin of Voltron. We're all the family you need.

Keith: Shiro, you're like a brother to me... but I have to do this.

Shiro: No, you don't. So, just give them the knife.

Keith: I can't do that.

Keith: Just give up the knife, Keith! You're only thinking of yourself, as usual!

Keith: I've made my choice.

Shiro: Then you've chosen to be alone.

Keith: Shiro! Wait!

[loud rumbling]

Keith: Huh? Huh...

Man: Keith...

Keith: [gasps] Dad?

Man: You're home, son.

[loud rumbling]

Keith: What's going on outside?

Man: Don't worry about that. We'll be fine as long as we stay in here. Don't you want to catch up?

Keith: Of course I do.

Man: [sighs] Son, so many years have passed. I have so much to tell you.

[loud rumbling]

Keith: What is that?

Man: Everything's fine.

Keith: [gasps]

[people screaming]

Keith: Dad, I-I'm sorry. I gotta go. There's people that need me out there.

Man: Don't you want to know about where you came from? Your mother gave it to me.

Keith: Mom?

[loud rumbling]

[people screaming]

Man: She'll be here soon.

Keith: [grunting]

Shiro: You need to get him out of there.

Kolivan: He can decide when to leave.

Shiro: You're messing with his mind. You're going to kill him!

Kolivan: Knowledge or death, Shiro.

Shiro: I'm calling this off.

Keith: [groaning]

Keith: You gotta tell me, Dad. I have to know. Where did the knife come from? What does it mean?

Man: Your mother is almost here. She'll tell you everything.

Keith: I can't wait around anymore. I have to go.

Man: If you go out that door, you'll never find out who you are.

Keith Goodbye, Dad.

Red Lion: [roars]

Allura: The Red Lion is moving!

Lance: We gotta get down there!

Hunk: It won't be ready for five more minutes.

Haggar: I am going to ask you some questions. I will know if you lie. I have reason to believe that a spy has infiltrated Galra command.

Thace: That is very alarming.

Haggar: Indeed. Are you aware of any spies within our ranks?

Thace: No.

Haggar: Commander Thace, are you the one who lowered the solar barrier during the Voltron attack, allowing it to escape?

Thace: No. I fight in the name of Galra. I am loyal to Zarkon.

Haggar: You will help me root out this traitor. We will destroy him and all who threaten our reign.

Guard: The Red Lion is attacking the base! It's trying to break through!

Shiro: It has a link with Keith. It knows when he's in danger. It's coming for him.

[all grunt]

[electronic beeping]

Coran: The Red Lion has started attacking!

Hunk: Wait, what does that mean? Why would the lion attack? Unless...

Lance: Allura?

Allura: Everyone, stay focused.

[faint rumbling]

[running footsteps approaching]

[faint rumbling]

Shiro: Keith, are you okay?

Kolivan: Stop what you're doing!

Keith: What are you talking about? What's going on?

Kolivan: Call off your beast!

Shiro: Move out of the way! We're leaving!

Kolivan: You're not leaving with that blade. It does not belong to you. You failed to awaken it!

Keith: What does that mean?

Antok: Give up the blade!

Shiro: [grunts]

Allura: Coran, how much longer until we can get in?

Coran: Just a few more ticks, Princess.

Allura: Get ready.

Keith: Wait! Just take the knife! It doesn't matter where I come from. I know who I am. We all need to work together to defeat Zarkon. If that means I give up this knife, fine. Take it.

Keith: Mm?

Kolivan: You've awoken the blade! The only way this is possible is if Galra blood runs through your veins.

Coran: Five... four... three... two... one!

Shiro: Princess, we're coming back, and we're bringing someone you should meet.

Coran: They're all right!

Pidge: Yes, they did it!

Kolivan: Princess Allura, it's good to see that the rumors are true. You're still alive after all these years.

Allura: So is Zarkon. Can we consider you our ally in the fight against him?

Kolivan: Yes, but we have little time to discuss this. I just received word from our spy inside the Galran hierarchy. They have become aware of our presence, so the timetable for our plan has been moved up.

Shiro: How soon do we need to begin?

Kolivan: Now.

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