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Voltron S2 Title Ark of Taujeer
The Ark of Taujeer
Air date January 20th, 2017
Written by May Chan
Joshua Hamilton
Episode Transcript

The Ark of Taujeer is the sixth episode of the Second Season of Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Plot Summary

On the ravaged planet of Taujeer, Galra commander Marvok strips the planet of resources and prevents the citizen's escape. Allura and Keith go off on a separate mission to learn how Zarkon is tracking them down and on their isolated trip debate if any Galra people are even fighting Zarkon's rule. The remaining four Paladins arrive on Taujeer to help the Ark escape, only to be fired upon by Galra forces closest to them as Zarkon located them none the less. When Keith & Allura are informed by Coran they try to use the booster jets to arrive sooner but end up destroying their pod. Hunk activates a new power up for his Yellow Lion which prevents the Ark from falling into a lake of acid. The Red Lion ventures into space to Keith & Allura's position and retrieves them to form Voltron, which defeats the Galra ship. After saving the Ark and resting in the Castle, it is apparent to them now that Zarkon is following them by way of his old connection to the Black Lion.

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