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episode 111 (39)

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That's the Old Ball Game
Episode Transcript

Plot Summary

The Voltron Force destroys the main Drule supply base. After the battle they discover a group of several Drules that were unable to evacuate the base. The S.S. Explorer decide to take in the refuges.

Jeff befriends a Drule Lieutenant, Antor. Taking a break the S.S. Explorer crew and the Voltron Force play a game of football, the Drule's ask to take part in the game. The game is interpreted as a Drule attack fleet approaches.

The Voltron Force unite into their subunits to meet the attack the first combat group. The Drule commander springs his trap and has the second combat group ambush the Voltron Force.

While this is going on some of Antor's troops want to attack their guards and try to help the Drule forces that they assume have come to rescue them. Antor explains that the armada had not come to rescue them, only to destroy the base. When his troops are injured during the fighting, Antor's suspicions are confirmed.

The Explorer comes under attack by a Robeast. The subunits separate and all units form Voltron. Voltron manages to destroy the Robeast and the Drule armada. Hazar laments to his sister the waste of time and resources spent on trying to retake a simple base.

Ginger discovers an injured Antor and Jeff rushes to get him medical help. Later the crew worry if Antor will recover. Hawkins speaks over the ship intercom to confirm that Antor is indeed recovering, and demanding a rematch to the interrupted football game.

Featured Characters

Voltron Force

Explorer crew


Galaxy Garrison on Earth



Notable Edits from the Original Armored Fleet Dairugger XV episode

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