S2E06.77. Lions dive for a crumbliing Taujeer

Taujeer was the original home planet of the Taujeerians, a race that resemble giant anthropomorphic Tardigrades.

The planet was going through a cataclysm when Team Voltron happened upon it, with its crust breaking away to fill nearby space and what remained on the surface dissolving into acid. The Paladins helped the native population to evacuate to a nearby moon on a ship that had been sabotaged by Commander Morvok's forces.


“We’ve known for years that our planet would eventually lose its outer layer. The plan was to evacuate the population to our nearest moon, where we have built a colony to wait out the shedding process. So we relocated to higher ground and constructed that ark.” - Baujal, leader of the Taujeerians from "The Ark of Taujeer"

  • This seems to imply that Taujeer might be habitable again some day. It's possible that this world could be another example of a giant organism like the Balmera or Weblum.


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