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Episode 6

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Taking Flight
Taking Flight
Air date June 10, 2016
Written by Tim Hedrick
Directed by Eugene Lee
Episode Transcript

Taking Flight is the sixth episode of Voltron: Legendary Defender. It was released on Netflix along with the rest of Season 1 on June 10, 2016.


The paladins leave Altea and embark for Balmera to fulfill Hunk's promise to Shay. En route, however, a distress signal waylays the crew when they go to investigate the signal's source.

Plot Summary

Lance has made a full recovery. Team Voltron prepares to fly back to the Balmera and protect its natives. Before they leave, however, Hunk makes a comment that Pidge needs to respond to: “I can’t ‘man up’. I’m a girl.” Lance is the only one bewildered by this revelation - the rest of the team confess that they already knew, but waited for Pidge to be ready to tell them.

Meanwhile, Prorok and Haggar bicker over whether the Galra Empire should use their ships to attack Voltron or finish the Komar experiment. Zarkon decides Haggar's experiment is more important at the moment than capturing Voltron, much to Prorok's displeasure.

On their way to the Balmera, the Castle-ship picks up a distress beacon. Hunk would rather help Shay and the native Balmerans first and return to the signal later, but Allura explains that the Paladin Code is to help all those in need. The team meets the stranded rebels - Rolo, Nyma, and their cyber-unit, Beezer. The Paladins agree to collect spare parts for their broken ship, but Hunk refuses to allow them into the Castle. Allura is aghast at his bluntness at first, until he points out that the last time they allowed people inside the ship, Lance nearly died. Rolo and his group understand their caution and are not offended. Minutes later, Lance, eager as always to impress a pretty lady, ends up touring the moon in the Blue Lion with Nyma.

Back with Haggar, we learn what the Komar experiment really is: a massive machine designed to suck up the quintessence of an entire planet. Zarkon glows with success, declaring mining and colonizing a feat of the past compared to this power.

Nyma and Lance are alone on the other side of the moon. He flirts with her, and she giggles - then chains him to a tree just before Rolo and Beezer reappear with their working ship and capture the Blue Lion. The team - minus Lance - charge after them in their lions. Rolo and Nyma contact Captain Prorok and offer the Lion in exchange for a bounty, then duck into the Zorlar asteroid belt to avoid the Paladins. Keith, the only one skilled enough to make it unscathed through the asteroids, chases after and catches them, breaking their ship for real in the process. Team Voltron returns the rebels to the moon they found them on and resume their Balmera rescue mission.

Featured Characters


"We had a bonding moment. I cradled you in my arms!"
"Nope. Don't remember, didn’t happen."
    — Keith and Lance

"Activate interlock."
"Dynotherms connected."
"Mega-thrusters are go!"
    — Allura and Coran launching the Castle Ship

"I almost feel sorry for those Voltron folks. Seem like a nice bunch."
"If you’re feeling guilty, you can turn yourself in. Stealing from Zarkon carries a life sentence."
"...They don’t seem... that nice."
    — Rolo and Nyma have a very brief conversation

"Hey Lance, I got your lion back."
"Thank you, Keith. Now can you come and unchain me?"
"What's that? I, uh - You're cutting out, I can't, I can't hear you."
"Oh come on! I thought we bonded! Keith? Buddy? My man?"
    — Keith punks Lance


  • Lance is equally bewildered that the Castle of Lions is actually a spaceship - the poor boy is sometimes oblivious to his surroundings.
  • Nyma is introduced with sparkles before we cut to Lance, blushing and gasping. Beezer is introduced with sparkles before we cut to Pidge, wide-eyed and gasping.