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Sven is an alternate reality counterpart of Shiro and a member of the Guns of Gamara, a rebel force fighting against the Altean Empire that has ruled his reality's universe for 10,000 years. He is teamed up with an alternate reality incarnation of Slav.


Sven was seen boarding Commodore Trayling's ship along with Slav, trying to recover a trans-reality comet which King Alfor tried to hide from Zarkon (in the "main" reality), when the Paladins of Voltron crossed to their reality and boarded the same ship.

Since both had helmets on and were unrecognizable, the team fought them, until Pidge cracked Sven's helmet and it was destroyed. Seeing Sven's face made the team stop attacking, as they all believed Sven was Shiro and Slav was the one from their own reality. During the confusion, Pidge and Slav realized at the same time that each other were from different realities, but were interrupted when Hira and her team intercepted the Paladins' arrival and boarded the ship as well.

Sven and Slav escaped, then planted bombs all over the ship. Soon, both returned inside and met Hunk, Pidge, and Lance, who had just realized that the Alteans from that reality were enslaving people. Before they could help them escape with the comet, all five were caught by Hira's guards.

They were brought to the room where Allura, Keith, and Hira were. Slav made Allura realize that these Alteans wanted to use the comet to spread their Empire and enslave other realities. She understood, and helped free them to escape. Then the bombs went off and they all ran away while being chased by the robot guards. Lance was almost shot by one, but Sven got in the way and saved his life.

Despite being shot in the chest, Sven told Lance that he'd be alright and just needed to be taken to a Space Hospital. Slav told the team to get to their lions while he took care of Sven.

The team then returned to their own reality, leaving Sven's fate unknown.


Sven appears to have a very similar personality to Shiro. He was willing to take a gunshot for Lance despite barely knowing him, and he was fighting back against the Alteans even after they had been ruling the universe for 10,000 years. He was also the one who was able to get through to Allura when she was having doubts about the AU Altean Empire being evil.


Appears to have similar abilities to Shiro. Very strong and fast, as evidenced by being able to become a shield for Lance.


  • The fact that Shiro is 25, according to The Paladin's Handbook, and that 10,000 years have passed in Sven's universe since the elimination of Zarkon's empire before it began, means that Sven is likely the same age as Shiro.
  • Guns of Gamara is a rebel organization fighting the Altean Empire, but may not be an exact counterpart to the Blade of Marmora, as neither Sven nor Slav are confirmed to be a mixed alien species of any kind. The Blade of Marmora only accepts those with Galran heritage who can awaken special blades.
  • Sven has a heavy pseudo-Scandinavian accent and is voiced by Josh Keaton, who did not know of Sven's existence nor that he had to perform with an accent until the night before recording.[1]
  • The fact that Sven is easily mistaken for Shiro, who is Japanese, despite having a heavy accent suggests Sven is Japanese but raised in a location surrounded by the accent. This is also an homage to the fact that Sven was once two separate, but identical looking characters in the original source material.
  • Although based on Shiro, Sven is an intentional reference to Sven from Voltron: Defender of the Universe.
  • The way Sven saved Lance is also a reference to the classic Voltron episode The Right Arm of Voltron. In said episode, Haggar plans on taking out one of the Voltron Force members so that they can't form Voltron. Lance is caught by her, but Sven notices and saves his life, getting severely injured in the process and sent to Planet Ebb for recovery.