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Sven is an alternate reality counterpart of Shiro and a member of the Guns of Gamara, a rebel force fighting against the Altean Empire that has ruled his reality's universe for 10,000 years. He is teamed up with an alternate reality incarnation of Slav.





  • The fact that Shiro is 25, according to The Paladin's Handbook, and that 10,000 years have passed in Sven's universe since the elimination of Zarkon's empire before it began, means that Sven is likely the same age as Shiro.
  • Sven has a heavy pseudo-Scandinavian accent and is voiced by Josh Keaton, who did not know of Sven's existence nor that he had to perform with an accent until the night before recording.[1]
  • The fact that Sven is easily mistaken for Shiro, who is Japanese, despite having a heavy accent suggests Sven is Japanese but raised in a location surrounded by the accent.



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