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This article is about the former Lion Force pilot as he appears in DotU-related interpretations. For a list of other meanings, see Sven (disambiguation).

Sven is the stoic Norwegian Voltron Lion Force member who is the initial pilot of the Blue Lion. Sven's full name as revealed in Devil's Due Publishing comics is Sven Holgersson.


Voltron: Defender of the Universe continuity

Sven was part of the scout team, under Keith's command, sent by the Galaxy Alliance to planet Arus. He and the others had witnessed a massive bombardment by Planet Doom, and he was captured along with the others. Space Explorers Captured

After escaping from Planet Doom, he and the others made contact with Princess Allura and Coran in the Castle of Lions. He was assigned to be the pilot of Blue Lion.Escape to Another PlanetA Ghost and Four Keys

Sometime later, he had rescued Lance from an attack by Haggar, and ended up seriously injured. Eventually, he was transferred to a hospital on another planet. The Right Arm of VoltronBut Doom attacked that planet, and Sven was captured and taken as a slave to Planet Doom.

He later reunited with the Voltron Force when he helped Romelle escape from Planet Doom. Sometime after his escape, he joined Romelle instead of flying Blue Lion (control of which passed to Princess Allura) or otherwise serving the Voltron Force in a reserve capacity. There Will Be a Royal Wedding One Princess to Another

He was later part of an advance force, led by Romelle, to conduct operations on Planet Doom prior to the invasion. He was once again seriously injured after a confrontation with Prince Lotor.Final Victory

Afterward, on a few occasions he would help the Voltron Force in foiling Zarkon's attempt to fill in the power vacuum left behind with the destruction of Planet Doom and its Drule Empire, and even flew Blue Lion again during an attack on Galaxy Garrison by Lotor.Who's Flyin' Blue Lion?

Voltron: The Third Dimension

Devil's Due comics continuity

Modern Comics continuity


  • Sven is actually a composite of two characters in Beast King Golion. Takashi Shirogane was the original Blue Lion pilot who was killed in episode 6, and Ryou Shirogane, Takashi's brother. Since they looked alike, WEP simply decided that Sven would survive the events of episode 6.
  • Sven is the only other Voltron Force character (aside from Allura) who has two standard casual outfits- a dark-blue long-sleeved shirt and dark blue pants (worn by Takashi in the original source material) and a light blue shirt and black pants (worn by Ryou in the original source material). He wore the first "Takashi" outfit from episodes 1-6 and every episode after 52 in which he appeared (except episode 60). He wore the second "Ryou" outfit in every episode in which he appeared between 41 and 52 and in episode 60
  • Sven flies five sorties in Blue Lion onscreen (in episodes 3.4, 5, 6, and 63)
  • Although he rarely appears after Episode 6, he still appears during the opening sequence.


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