Steele at Galaxy Garrison

Commodore Steele is a bigwig at Galaxy Garrison headquarters.
Based on Dewa from Armored Fleet Dairugger XV

Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Lion Force sub-series


Vehicle Force sub-series

During the Explorer's dispute with the Drules over a new planet, Steele is among those attending a meeting with Space Marshall Graham and other ministers and staff to discuss the situation. He reminds everyone of Voltron's 5-minute power limitation. In Search of New Worlds Before the next Drule encounter, Steele informs the Explorer that the Garrison has intelligence indicating that another attack is imminent. He advises that they launch a surveillance satellite so that the new surface base will have advance warning. First Day on a New World As the situation deteriorates, Steele pleads with Hazar to hold off his imminent assault; the planet may be too fragile to withstand it. Hazar hangs up on him mid-sentence and commences his assault. The planet is ultimately doomed. Building a New World


  • Steele appears in the premiere of the Vehicle Force episodes, though we don't learn his name and rank until the second.
    • Even then, his rank is not clear. Hawkins refers to him as "Commodore," where Steele refers to himself as "Commander". This appears to be a goof; the next and subsequent episodes consistently say "Commodore".
      • This confusion is probably rooted from the original source material, where Dewa was explicitly titled "Supreme Commander".


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