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Commodore Steele is an officer at Galaxy Garrison headquarters.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Lion Force sub-series


Vehicle Force sub-series

During the S.S. Explorer's dispute with the Drules over a new planet, Steele is among those attending a meeting with Space Marshall Graham and other ministers and staff to discuss the situation. He reminds everyone of Voltron's 5-minute power limitation. [1]

Before the next Drule encounter, Steele informs the Explorer that the Garrison has intelligence indicating that another attack is imminent. He advises that they launch a surveillance satellite so that the new surface base will have advance warning. [2] As the situation deteriorates, Steele pleads with Hazar to hold off his imminent assault; the planet may be too fragile to withstand it. Hazar hangs up on him mid-sentence and commences his assault. The planet is ultimately doomed. [3]


  • Steele appears in the premiere of the Vehicle Force episodes, though we don't learn his name and rank until the second.
    • Even then, his rank is not clear. Hawkins refers to him as "Commodore," where Steele refers to himself as "Commander". This appears to be a goof; the next and subsequent episodes consistently say "Commodore".
      • This confusion is probably rooted from the original source material, where Dewa was explicitly titled "Supreme Commander".


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