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Mice First

Their first appearance

The Space Mice, or more simply the Mice, are a quartet of mice from the destroyed planet of Altea.


Through unknown means, the mice ended up inside Allura's cryo-pod, and were thus kept in suspended animation with her for 10,000 years. Her discovery of them was something of a comfort to Allura, who had believed that she and Coran were the last surviving inhabitants of Altea. To her surprise, she subsequently learned that their shared experience in stasis had created a mental link between her and the mice, enabling them to hear her thoughts and react accordingly to provide aid, such as crawling into areas that the humanoid Alteans and human Paladins couldn't reach. This would come in particular handy during the heroes' battles with Sendak, with the mice helping repair the Castle of Lions and later liberate it from Sendak and Haxus.

The mice also serve as companions for the heroes, particularly Allura and Pidge; it was through them that Allura learned the truth about Pidge's identity as a girl. At one point, Lance talks to them and they tell Allura about Lance's crush on her.


The mice possess knowledge on the Castle and how to fix certain things. They are also pretty skilled fighters for their size, as they are able to take down Galra soldiers almost silently sometimes and always efficiently. Their teeth are very, very sharp and will bite. In Season 7, they help Coran to eliminate guards and rescue the Paladins, Romelle, Shiro, and Krolia from their prison.


  • According to the official website, with later clarification from an Easter promotion, the mice are named:
    • Platt is the largest mouse with yellow and green fur.
    • Chulatt is the smallest mouse with blue fur and blue eyes.
    • Plachu is the blue mouse with red eyes.
    • Chuchule is the pink mouse with red eyes.
      • This reflects the original Golion, where the largest father mouse was named Platt and the second largest, the mother, was Chuchule. It is unknown if the mice are related in the Legendary Defender series however.


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