This article is about the Lion Force pilot as they appear in Beast King GoLion. For a list of other meanings, see Takashi Shirogane (disambiguation).

Shirogane Takashi (銀貴 Shirogane Takashi?) aka "Quiet" (黙り Danmari?) was the ill-fated former pilot of the Blue Lion.

He and his younger brother, Shirogane Ryou, are the two characters that become Sven in the American adaption.


Beast King GoLion

Voice Actor: Ryusei Nakao

Shirogane was part of a team of astronauts from Earth who were captured by the Galra Empire after a nuclear world war in 1999. After some time as a slave in Galra Castle, he and the others escaped to Planet Altea. There, he met Raible and Princess Fala. He was assigned to the Golion team under Akira Kogane as the pilot of Blue Lion.

His time in the Golion team would be short-lived. Following the rise of Castle Gradam, Honerva launched an attack. He saved Isamu Kurogane from capture, only to be killed by a Galran beastman. The beastman was later killed by the other four lions, and Shirogane was buried. [1]

He had one brother, Ryou, who had survived the war on Earth. After hearing about Shirogane's fate, Ryou decided to avenge him and kill Sincline.

Super Robot Wars W

Srw shirogane

Shirogane's portrait in Super Robot Wars W

Shirogane and the rest of the Golion team debut in the non-canon crossover game, Super Robot Wars W. The Golion team is introduced in Chapter 7 arriving on Mars where Nadesico assists them with fighting both the Galra and Jovians and escape both enemies using a Jovian transport device.

Whereas the Super Robot Wars franchise often prevents character deaths from the series that appear in it, Shirogane was a special case as his death was needed for the plot. Still injured, Shirogane still fights along with the team defending GGG Headquarters against Mechanical Monster Draco Omega 1 before dying. Like the anime, Fala decides to take Shirogane's place as the blue lion's pilot.


  • His name is the same as his Voltron Legendary Defender counterpart, Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane. He is also the only one of the Golion pilots who has his original japanese name carried over in full to another series.
  • Shirogane and his identical younger brother Ryou both became Sven in Defender of the Universe in order to censor out their deaths


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