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Commander Sendak is one of Zarkon's most trusted and loyal commanders. When Sendak was stranded on planet Arus, he was trusted to take down the Castle of Lions from the inside, which he almost managed to do, had it not been for Pidge's untimely exit. Shiro ejected him out into space while in a cryogenic pod. There he waited until after Zarkon's death where he was freed by Acxa, Ezor, and Zethrid under Haggar’s orders.

After Lotor became the empire's new emperor, he began The Fire of Purification. A group of Galra that believe that the Altean-Galra prince shouldn't be their leader, and that the honor should be given to Sendak.


He is an extremely sadistic and powerful fighter who is not to be underestimated. His loyalty to Zarkon and adherence to the military hierarchy is without question and only obeys the commands given to him. He is a model soldier and citizen of the Galra Empire. He is also skilled in psychological warfare and military strategy.

When Sendak fought Shiro in the Castle of the Lions, he said "Too bad you didn't get the upgraded version", referring, of course, to Shiro's Galra arm. From this, we can infer that Sendak underwent the same procedure to remove his left arm, and have a robotic lengthening one in its place. Of course, as a commander, Sendak received the most upgraded version, allowing him to defeat Shiro in a melee fight.

One of Sendak's quotes is the following: "Nothing will stop me but victory or death." Sendak is the military leader who will fight on at the cost of all his men, because he is loyal to Emperor Zarkon and will do what he commands without question.

Fighting Style

His fighting style relies primarily on the use of his cybernetic left arm and its energy tether and terrifying piercing claws. However, without it he's incredibly vulnerable and can be taken down with relative ease.

He is also athletic, able to dodge and move around quickly to evade attacks. This is despite his large size, wherein he towers over normal humans at approximately 8 feet.


  • Sendak is the new incarnation of Commander Yurak (whose original name in GoLion was "Sadak"). This is notably seen with his big feline ears, along with a single bright glowing yellow eye, and the bright red cybernetic eye. The most notable difference in his appearance is Sendak's cybernetic arm is far more prominent then Yurak's prosthetic, and that it has switched sides (now on his left rather than the right).