Ryner (When Commander Branko attack again)

Ryner is the leader of the free Olkari and ally of Team Voltron introduced in season 2 of Voltron: Legendary Defender.


When Team Voltron investigated the coordinates decoded from glowing spores encountered in space, they found that the Galra had invaded the planet of Olkarion, imprisoned its leader Lubos, and enslaved most of the native Olkari. When the team flew over the planet, their Lions were struck by arrows and forced to land in a forested region, where they were greeted by Ryner and those of her people which had escaped capture.

Team Voltron decided to help free the planet, discovering in the process that Lubos had actually assisted the Galra by providing the plans for a superweapon in return for his own safety. After Olkarion was saved, Ryner and the Olkari nation pledged to support the Team Voltron in their future battles against Zarkon.