Rolo is a cheating alien bounty hunter. He and his partner Nyma and their cyber-unit Beezer attempted to steal Lance's Blue Lion and turn it over to Commander Prorok, in exchange for a reward and having their criminal records with the Galra wiped clean.

During his encounter with the Paladins, Rolo claimed that his planet had been destroyed by the Galra and he was taken captive. He managed to escape, but only after losing his left leg from the knee down. It is unknown how much of the truth he was telling.

On hearing of the Voltron Coalition, he is inspired to join and assists with the resistance, serving as a pilot during the battle to secure the Teq Zaiforge cannon.


While initially an opportunistic, pragmatic, and scheming individual, Rolo's actions are a result of desperation from fighting the Galra for far too long. He is known to be confident in his piloting skills, as is shown by being almost able to match up to Keith, a prodigy pilot in his own right. Rolo is not without a sense of honor, however. During the formation of the Voltron Coalition, he volunteered as a fighter pilot as well as a soldier for rescue and retrieval missions. These acts display his far more noble side, indicating that he is still a fundamentally good person.


Rolo is a tall alien with dark brown eyes and white hair and a light goatee. He has light purple skin with four darker purple spots on his upper arms. He has a long, flat, pointed nose and four fingers.

Rolo wears an aviator hat and goggles, a teal vest, dark brown pants, and a light brown piece of cloth held around his waist with a brown belt. He has bandage like wraps around his abdomen, right lower arm, and right leg below his knee, and wears light brown arm and leg warmers and dark brown boots. He wears a simple small loop earring in each ear.

His left leg is missing below the knee he has a prosthetic made of gray metal and the front of which appears to be a shade of purple.


  • It was hinted at in Return to the Balmera that the Galra learned of Team Voltron's plans to return to Balmera X-95-Vox from Nyma, Rolo, and Beezer. Given how the Paladins left them stranded on a moon where the Galra would certainly be looking for them - and given Commander Prorok’s obvious disgust in negotiating with them for the Blue Lion - it implied a rather grim future for these characters before they returned in the season four episodes "Begin the Blitz" and "A New Defender".