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Arrow gradient left Voltron: Defender of the Universe (Vol. 1) #3 Arrow gradient right
Cover ddp vol1 3
Revelations (part 3 of 5)
Publisher Image Comics
Produced by Devil's Due Publishing, Inc.
Cover date July 2003
Story Dan Jolley
Pencils Mike Norton & Clint Hilinski
Inks Clayton Brown
Colors Brett R. Smith of Color Fusion
Letters Dreamer Design
Cover Mike Norton, Clayton Brown & Jeremy Roberts[1]

More lions are discovered, and the space explorers engage the Drules.


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Featured Characters


Additional Features


Details of Note


  • Dreamer Design
  • Kore #4
  • Shadows #4
  • G.I. Joe: Front Line #12
  • Noble Causes #1
  • Paradigm #11
  • Powers #33
  • PvP #3
  • (inside back cover) Savage Dragon
  • (back cover) The next issue, Revelations part 4


  1. No formal credit is given, but the signatures are visible on the right edge.

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