This page is a transcript of the episode Return to the Balmera, from Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Allura: We'll be arriving at the Balmera soon. Liberating these Balmerans from Zarkon's grasp will not be easy.

Lance: So, what's the plan? We go in there and just... pow, pow, pow! And free the prisoners?

Keith: What was that noise?

Lance: Laser guns.

Hunk: No, Lance, I think you mean... (imitates lasers firing) Pow!

Lance: That sounds like fireworks.

Pidge: Technically, they're more like... ba-choo, ba-choo, ba-choo!

Shiro: Okay, enough with the bad sound effects. Besides, it's more like... blam, blam, blam!

Keith: What?

Pidge: You're crazy.

Lance: No way.

Hunk: Wrong.

Allura: Paladins, focus.

Hunk: Besides, we can't just shoot at the Galra. This Balmera, it's, like, alive. And from what we've seen, it doesn't look very good.

Coran: Yes, it's an atrocity what the Galra have been doing to this grand beast. Stealing its crystals, its very life force, without ever performing the energy rejuvenation ceremonies to heal it.

Hunk: After seeing Shay's people enslaved, it made me realize how bad Zarkon really is. And we're the only ones who can stop him.

Shiro: Okay, so we can't go into the tunnels guns blazing. Plan B. We figure out how to draw the Galra up to the surface and battle them out there.

Hunk: Wait, I know. If we attack all of this big mining stuff on the surface, the Galra troops will have to come out to defend it. Then we beat them up, head down to the tunnels, Voltron saves the day.

Keith: But how will we know how many are left in the tunnels?

Allura: We can track the Galra and the Balmerans using Biothermal Life Indicator Point Technology.

Pidge: Oh, BLIP tech! It's an acronym.

Allura: One of you will need to fly around the Balmera and drop sensors into the shafts on each side. Then we'll be able to see where the Galra and the Balmerans are. There are already sensors built into your suits.

Pidge: I can do it. I just modified the Green Lion with the invisible maze's cloaking ability. I should be able to fly around unnoticed.

Coran: That's their main power generator. If you take that down, it will severely weaken their defenses.

Allura: We'll stay in cloud cover and give tactical support. With the Castle's defenses weakened from Sendak's crystal, we won't be of much help to you.

Shiro: I'll take out the power generator. Keith, Lance, Hunk, you take out these big mining rigs around the area.

Hunk: Yeah! Okay, let's do this! Let's go kick some alien butt!

Lance: You think the Balmerans will have a parade for us after we've freed everybody?

Keith: (over comm) It's not about the glory, Lance. It's about freeing prisoners from Zarkon.

Lance: No, I know. I know. But still. When they - (grunts)

(lasers firing)

Shiro: This is it. Get your heads in the game. Remember, the Balmera is a living creature. Make sure you pinpoint only the Galra installations and not its surface.

Pidge: Initiating cloak.

(lasers firing)


Shiro: How do I take this thing down? (Black Lion beeping) What's that? Jaw blade? Okay! Let's do this!

Pidge: (over comm) All sensors delivered.

Keith: Whoa! Did you guys just see that? I got fire power!

Lance: Hey! I want that!

Keith: Oh, no!

Hunk: Hey, we can't let this thing hurt the Balmera. (grunting)

Lance: I think my lion knows what to do! Aw, snap! These rays are super cool, just like me!

Shiro: Great job, team!

Keith: Where are all the troops? They're not coming to the surface.

Hunk: (over comm) Yeah, I remember seeing a lot of Galra guys down in the mines.

Allura: We've located a hangar full of Galra fighters just below the surface. Someone has to take those out before they can launch.

Shiro: They're luring us down, but we have no choice. Keith, Lance, you guys hit the hangar. Hunk, head to the prison to rescue Shay and the other Balmerans. Pidge and I will track down the Galra soldiers.

Keith: Yes, sir.

Lance: Ten-four.

Pidge: On it.

Hunk: Let's do this!

Galran: Commander Prorok, we have word from the troops on Balmera X-95 Vox. The informants were right. Voltron is there.

Prorok: Excellent. Everything is going according to plan.

Galran: How do you wish to proceed? Should we inform Emperor Zarkon?

Prorok: Contact Subcommander Ylvik. His fleet is awaiting my command. Tell him it's time to attack. I will update the Emperor.

Keith: The entire hangar's only being guarded by a few sentries. Let's go!

Lance: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Cool your jets, Keith! Don't you remember that stuff about this Balmera thing being a sensitive animal?

Keith: Oh, right.

Lance: Yeah, so we can't just blow things up like a psycho.

Keith: Oh, you got a better idea?

Lance: I do. We sneak into the control room to shut down the bay doors. That'll trap the ships in.

Keith: That... actually is a better idea.

Hunk: Allura, Coran, what's my location? All these tunnels look the same. I can't remember where the prison is.

Coran: You're on the right path. Turn right at the next tunnel. Once you get there, you'll have to disable the energy doors. Be careful. It looks like it's heavily guarded.

(electronic beeping)

Lance: (whispering) No, no. It's over here.

Keith: (whispering) I know what I'm doing.

Lance: (grunts) Keep an eye out for those guards. I'll see if I can find a way to shut the hangar doors. Uh... Hmm. Nope. Maybe. Uh... Uh... Mm... (groans) I don't know what I'm doing here. It's all Galra gibberish.

Keith: Let me see.

(computer beeps)

(doors whirring)

Lance: Whoa! How'd you do that?

Keith: I.. just put my hand on the handprint.

(lasers firing)

(Hunk grunts)

(gun shoots)

Hunk: Yeah! That was way too easy. I definitely don't have a good feeling about this.

(Hunk panting)

Balmeran Dad: Hunk, you have returned.

Hunk: I promised I'd be back. We're here to help. Where's Shay?

Rax: Our life may not have been perfect, but our family was whole. Your arrival has left us imprisoned and torn apart. As soon as your attack started, they took her away to the core of the Balmera. For all we know, she could be gone for good.

Allura: Paladins, are you there? The Galra troops are moving down the tunnels. It looks like they're going down toward the center.

Hunk: They must be headed to the core of the Balmera. That's where they're holding Shay.

Shiro: They're drawing us into an ambush, but we don't have a choice if we want to save Shay. We have to follow. Lance, Keith, get to the core. I think we're going to need everyone together to get through this firefight.

Lance: Copy that. We're on our way.

(Keith grunts)

(Pidge gasps)

Allura: (over comm) Looks like you're in an area where the tunnels are too narrow for your speeder.

Pidge: Yeah. Proceeding on foot. (whispering) There's someone here.

Allura: (over comm) Looking into it.

(footsteps approaching)

Allura: (over comm) Pidge, no! Those are Balmerans!

Pidge: Phew! (groans)

(Balmera moans)

(Balmerans whimpering, panting)


(both gasp)

Pidge: (grunts) Don't worry.

Pidge: (over comm) Hey, team, be careful. The Balmera is very unstable.

(lasers firing)

(Lance and Keith grunt)

Keith: Their shooting is destroying the Balmera. We gotta do something.

(Balmera moaning)

Lance: (grunts) Well, we can't shoot back. It'll just make it worse. (panting) Hmm... (growls) (grunting incoherently)

Keith: Huh?

(Lance grunts, sings tauntingly, yelps)

(Keith grunts)

Hunk: (yelling) Shay! You're alive!

Shay: (muffled moaning) (muffled screaming)

Shiro: Where are the Galra? If this is an ambush, they should be here waiting for us. (gasps)

(Lance and Keith gasp)

Hunk: Not an ambush. More like a trap.

Keith: Whatever it is, keep your guard up.

Shay: The Galra, they gained knowledge that you would return to the Balmera.

Pidge: How?

Shay: I know not. But they set this trap just for you. I was the bait.

Shiro: Who could have possibly known that we were heading here to save Shay?

Hunk: Rolo! Those liars must have told Zarkon.

Shiro: We have to figure out how to get out of here.

Lance: Wait! We have a giant Castle ship hovering in the sky. Allura, can you please come get us?

Keith: How do you expect her to do that, genius?

Lance: I don't know, maybe they got teleporters or something.

Allura: We're quite occupied at the moment. (grunts) We're completely surrounded by Galra ships and we're taking heavy fire!

(alarm blaring)

Coran: Princess, our particle barrier won't last much longer!

Allura: Paladins, you need to get out of there as soon as you can!

Lance: This is it! We're going to die in here. I can say bye-bye to that parade.

Shiro: Get it together, guys. Allura, we'll get there as soon as we can.

Shay: Perhaps my people can help us get out. This is how we communicate. The Balmera senses our vibrations and sends a message to those in the tunnels.

Keith: Are you sure someone will be able to hear your... hand from all the way down here?

Shay: The Balmera will deliver the message.

(Balmera moaning softly)

(Balmera continues moaning)

(Balmeran family gasps)

Rax: It's a message from Shay.

Balmeran Dad: She's alive!

Rax: The Paladins of Voltron went to the core of the Balmera to save Shay... and now they are all trapped.

Balmeran Dad: Then we are all doomed.

Rax: This is all my fault. I conspired against them, and because of my actions, Shay was imprisoned. The big yellow one was right. If we ever hope to be free, we must take action.

Balmeran Dad: But how can we rise up against our Galra overlords?

Rax: What choice do we have? They have stolen all of the crystals from our Balmera. Our lives are worthless to them now.

Balmeran Dad: But Balmerans have never fought.

Rax: You taught me that without family, we have nothing. The Galra have taken Shay. How can we do nothing while the paladins sacrifice everything to save us? We must do our part!

Prorok: Lord Zarkon, I have news to report. News that will likely please you, my Emperor.

Zarkon: Proceed.

Prorok: I have the Voltron Paladins trapped on a Balmera in the Javeeno star system. I've ordered a fleet to capture the lions and destroy the Altean Castle.

Zarkon: You fool! You dare make plans without informing me?

Prorok: Forgive me, Emperor, but I saw an opportunity and I took it for the glory of the Galra Empire.

Zarkon: I suspect that you are seeking your own glory, Prorok. But you do not realize Voltron's power.

Coran: They're heading down into the tunnels! (gasps) They're going to steal the lions!

Allura: Paladins, the lions are in danger! You must get back to them immediately!

(alarm blaring)

Coran: Princess, something's locked onto us.

Allura: (over comm) Paladins, do you copy? There's a battle cruiser locked onto us. If it fires with its ion cannon, I don't know if we can survive.

Lance: We're trying, Allura. Shay's pressing her hand against a wall, which apparently sends vibrations to the other rock people, who vibrate back or something? Hand talking? I guess the answer to your question is, "Yes, we copy."

Shiro: Shay, are you sure the Balmera is sending your message?

(Balmera moaning)

(all gasp)

Shay: Rax!

Rax: We must make haste. We know a shortcut through the tunnels.

Shiro: Allura, stand by. We're on our way up.

Allura: (over comm) Paladins, hurry! They're taking off with the lions!

(Shiro grunting, yelling)

(Black Lion growling)

(Black Lion roars)

Shiro: Guys, did everyone make it to the lions in time?

Lance: Come on, Shiro. Who you think you're dealing with, a bunch of amateurs? (yelps)

Shiro: Do you really want me to answer that?

Lance: No.

Shiro: Let's go!

Pidge: Hunk, watch out!

Keith: Got you covered!

Hunk: Phew! Thanks, guys!

Coran: It's charging its ion cannon!

Allura: Divert all shields to the bow.

(Allura grunting)

(alarm blaring)

Allura: Paladins, I need you immediately! Five more ticks and we're finished!

Shiro: Okay, team, let's form Voltron!

All: Yeah!

(all yelling)

Coran: Right now is our chance, Princess!

Allura: Full power on the blasters! Locked onto target. Fire!

(Rax and Shay gasp)

Hunk and Keith: Yeah!

Pidge: Nice shot, Princess!

Lance: Yeah! The parade's back on!

Galran: The Galra fleet and all sentries on the Balmera have been defeated.

Prorok: No! How could this be? Lord Zarkon, I will do all that I can to recapture Voltron for the Galra.

Zarkon: Silence, Prorok. I have plans that you cannot comprehend.

Keith: Mission accomplished.

Allura: And just in the tick of time. The Castle's defenses are battered and will need to fully recharge. Huh?

(alarm blaring)

Coran: There's an unknown object incoming! It's about to crash into the Balmera!

Lance: What the heck is that?

Shiro: Trouble. 

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