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This article is about the lion as it appears in Voltron Force-related interpretations. For a list of other meanings, see Red Lion (disambiguation).
Red Lion vf
ManikWorldAdded by ManikWorld

The Red Lion originally forms the right arm, and is piloted by Lance.


Voltron Force (TV series)

When it forms the center, Red's weapons are the Magma Pistols.


440051-redheaded voltron with blazing guns super
Red Lion Formation Voltron with his Magma Pistols
MonkeyMan5Added by MonkeyMan5
  • The phrase used for the formation of the Magma Pistols is "Draw Magma Pistols!"
  • The weapon at the end of the Red's tail is a fire laser/beam/ray device.
  • Can breath fire.
  • It also has a guard mode, where it enhances his senses.
  • It is also resistent to extreme heat and cold.


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