This article is about the lion as it appears in the original Beast King Golion TV series. For a list of other meanings, see Red Lion (disambiguation).

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Red Lion (赤獅子 Akajishi?) is the second lion and right arm of Golion. It is primarily piloted by Kurogane Isamu with Fala piloting it only once. It is the Japanese counterpart of the Voltron version.


The Red Lion represents the element of fire and has a resistance to high temperatures such as magma.

Weapons and Armament

  • Red Lazer (レッドレーザー Reddo rēzā?)
  • Magma Missile (マグマミサイル Maguma misairu?)
  • Red Sword (レッドソード Reddo sōdo?)
  • Big Fire (ビッグファイア Biggu faia?)

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