This page is a transcript of the episode Rebirth, from Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Pidge: Oh, no!

Hunk: Please tell me there's not a giant monster in there. Please tell me it's empty! Or full of space candy. One of those two. Either one is fine.

Lance: I don't think it's a piñata, Hunk.

Keith: If it's the same kind of the monster that attacked us on Arus, we already know how to beat it.

Shiro: Hold your ground!

(pod crashes open)

(Robeast charging)

Hunk: It's not candy!

Lance: And it's not the same monster!

Shiro: We need to draw its fire away from the Balmera's surface!

(all groan)

Lance: We can't hold out!

Pidge: My lion’s weakening! If the shield sustains structural damage, we're done for!

Keith: Pidge is right!

Lance: Oh, Pidge is right. I'm the one that said, "We can't hold out!"

Keith: Lance, watch your footing!

(Voltron crashes)

(all groan)

Shiro: Okay, Team Voltron, disband! Everyone, evasive maneuvers! It can't shoot us all at once! Okay, it can do that too.

(Allura and Coran groaning)

(alarm blaring)

Allura: Where does Zarkon get these beasts from? And how do they keep finding us?

Coran: Princess, the particle barrier won't sustain much longer. It's still not at full strength after the blast from the Galra ship.

Shiro: Keith, try to draw its fire! I'm coming in from above!

Keith: Roger!

Lance: We need to find its blind spot!

Pidge: I don't think this thing has a blind spot. It has a thousand eyes.

Hunk: Laser eyes. Laser eyes! (screams)

Pidge: What do we do? Fighting this thing is like fighting an entire fleet at once!

Keith: I think we've got to aim for those laser eyes and take them out.

Allura: We'll cover you from up here!

(alarms beeping wildly)

Coran: We've lost the spectral generator! Going to reserve! There's a fire in VIN bay three! Suppressors on! Suppressors out! Princess, the ship is being torn apart!

Allura: We're taking heavy fire up here! We're in trouble!

Shiro: Princess, pull back! Get out of its range, now!

Allura: We will not abandon you!

Shiro: You're not abandoning us. We're about to pull back anyway.

Hunk: We are?

Shiro: We can't hold out. We have to. Lions, to the mine shafts! It's the only place the monster can't get us.

Pidge: Roger that!

Allura: Heading into orbit!

Rax: What is happening?

Keith: There's a monster up there that Zarkon sent to destroy us.

Shay: A monster? Will Zarkon's savagery never abate? Perhaps our people were never meant to be free.

Hunk: Shay, don't give up. Zarkon's power grows with every planet he conquers, but he's weakened by every being that fights back.

Shay: Fight back against a monster like that? How?

Hunk: I don't know, but we can beat it. Tell her, Keith.

Keith: Can we?

Shiro: Yes, we can! This is our first mission and we're not going to fail. We can beat it. We just need some time to come up with a plan.

Hunk: See? Told you we can. Thanks, Shiro.

(all gasp)

(Balmera moaning)

Hunk: Did you guys feel that over there?

Lance: Yeah, we feel it.

Pidge: It's that sound again. What is that?

(Balmera moaning)

Rax: That great noise comes from the Balmera itself. Our home crumbles beneath our feet. The Balmera is dying.

Shiro: (over comm) Coran, Allura, are you there?

Allura: Shiro, we're here.

Shiro: (over comm) The Balmera -

Coran: We already know. Our scanners are showing the life energy draining from the Balmera.

Pidge: How does that happen?

Coran: (over comm) Removing crystals from a Balmera is like removing a vital part of the mighty beast. The Balmera needs time to regenerate itself to stay healthy, but the Galra's greed may have cost this noble Balmera its life.

Hunk: So, what's going to happen?

Coran: (over comm) Its core will collapse, destabilizing the entire skeletal structure. Anything or anyone remaining on the Balmera at that point will be crushed into dust.

Shiro: How long before its core collapses?

Coran: (over comm) Probably a matter of hours. The mighty organism willingly gives itself to all, but not all return its kindness.

Allura: Then our time is short. We'll evacuate the planet. We need to get all the Balmerans to the Castle of Lions before the planet implodes.

Hunk: (over comm) Okay, that sounds like a good plan, but how on earth do you plan on landing the Castle with that monster-thingy on the surface?

Pidge: (over comm) You'll need a distraction.

Shiro: (over comm) We'll engage the beast in our lions. With it distracted, Allura and Coran will land the Castle and load all of its citizens.

Lance: (over comm) Or we could load Balmerans into our lions a few at a time and shuttle them to the ship. Y’know, no engaging ferocious laser-eye guy. How long would that take?

Coran: Days? Weeks?

Keith: We only have hours.

Shiro: Look, we don't need to beat this thing. We just need to bait it away from the ship. Provoke and evade.

Hunk: Okay, here's the thing. I'm worried that we're going to be really, really good at the provoking part, and then like really bad at the evading part. But if-if this is what it takes to save Shay and everyone on the planet, then I'm in.

Keith: Can you contact the other Balmerans?

Shay: I can, but I know not what they'll say. Leave the planet? Our home?

Allura: (over comm) It's the only option. I'm coming down.

Coran: Princess, no! It's too dangerous!

Allura: Someone has to be there to lead these people out.

Pidge: You're coming down? That thing will spot your pod and blow it to pieces.

Allura: Let me worry about that. You just focus on keeping the creature distracted.

(Robeast groans)

Hunk: Okay, we've provoked. Time to evade!

(Robeast roars)

Shiro: (over comm) Princess, we've lured the monster away. It's time.

Allura: I'll contact you all when I'm on the ground.

Coran: (over loudspeakers) Be careful out there.

Lance: Is that Allura?

Hunk: We've got to protect the Princess! (groans)

Allura: I'm on the ground.

Shiro: Hurry! I don't know how long we can hold this thing off.

Allura: Shay, I'm going to need your help.

Shay: Princess?

Allura: Have you contacted the other Balmerans? What is it? What's going on?

Shay: All Balmerans give thanks for the kindness you and the paladins bestowed upon us, but, alas, we cannot take leave of our home.

Allura: What?

Shay: If our great Balmera's life cycle is over because of us, then our desire is to stay with it until the end.

Allura: But you'll never survive.

Rax: We contacted the others, and all agree. It's not right that you risk your lives for us. Please, away. We ask for no more guilt and shame upon us.

Shay: It is our wish. The wish of all Balmerans.

Allura: ...No. I won't give up on you. I won't give up on any of you, no matter the circumstances.

Shay: But we do not ask this of you. Please!

Allura: I have heard your words. Now, let me speak mine. I want to talk to the Balmerans. Can you get a message to them from me?

Balmeran Grandmother: There is no need to speak for you. You have a unique power within. The Balmera will carry your words.

(Allura gasps)

Balmeran Grandmother: Speak your heart, child. All can hear you.

Allura: Balmerans, this is Princess Allura. You don't know me, but I am here to help. I know what it's like to watch your home planet die. For I come from planet Altea, a planet that has long been destroyed by the Galra. But I refused to give up. And now, you all have the same choice. You can decide now to devote your lives to making sure this never happens to another planet. I am eternally sorry for what has happened to the Balmera, but I beg you, do not let its dying be in vain. Honor the Balmera's death by refusing to give up. Join me in my fight against the Galra.

Balmeran Grandmother: Your words have touched our hearts.

Allura: Thank you.

Balmeran Grandmother: No, thank you. You've given us reason to hope again.

Allura: Everyone, head to the caves just under the surface.

Coran: Princess, your speech must have worked. The Balmerans are moving toward the surface!

(all panting)

Allura: Coran, we're just beneath the surface. Triangulate my position. This is your landing zone.

(all groan)

Coran: Yes, Allura. Readying ship. Castle of Lions, coming in! Paladins, how are you holding up?

Keith: I think we've got him pretty distracted. Are the Balmerans in position?

Allura: They're making their way to the top.

(Balmerans panting)

Coran: Bring them out! Hurry, now!


(Balmera moaning)

(Balmerans screaming)

Allura: No!

(Balmerans screaming)

Coran: It's on the verge of collapsing! We have to go!

Allura: But the Balmerans!

Rax: They're trapped! What can be done? Time is short!


Hunk: Every hit weakens the Balmera. Have you evacuated yet? What's happening?

Coran: The Balmerans are trapped. Just keep distracting that beast!

Hunk: Uh, do you want us to distract it by dying? Because that's what's going to happen!

Shiro: Guys, remember when I said we didn't have to beat it?

Hunk: Yes, I remember that.

Shiro: Well we might have to beat it.

Shay: We're lost! All are trapped with no chance for escape!

Allura: We can't give up.

Shay: But what can be done? The Balmera! The ground beneath your mighty ship appears healed. Its essence thrives. But how?

Allura: The Castle!

Balmeran Grandmother: Not just the Castle, but you, as well.

Coran: It's true. Your Altean energy combined with the ship's crystal has revitalized this part of the Balmera.

Allura: That's it! Maybe we can perform the ceremony you spoke about. We can save the Balmera.

Rax: What ceremony?

Coran: In the days of old, when Alteans were given the gift of crystals from a Balmera, we would repay its sacrifice by performing a ceremony. A sacred Altean would re-infuse the Balmera with quintessence. In this way, we had a symbiotic relationship.

Allura: The Galra have only been taking. It's time we give back. I can connect with the crystal in the bridge and use the Castle's power as an amplifier.

Coran: When your father performed the ceremony, it was on a much smaller scale. I beg you. To heal an entire planet, it could take more energy than you possess. You may not live through it.

Allura: I know you're scared for me, Coran, but I must try.

(Coran gasps)

Keith: Guys, this isn't working. We'll never take this beast down in our lions.

Pidge: Well, forming Voltron didn't work, either.

Lance: Not without some way to shoot all those laser eyes at once.

Hunk: That's weird. What are you trying to tell me? Guys! Guys, something's happening here! I-I think there's a way to take down all those laser eyes at once.

Pidge: Well, what is it?

Hunk: Do you remember how Voltron formed that sword with Keith's bayard? I think my lion's telling me I can do the same thing with my bayard.

Keith: Are you sure?

Hunk: Let's find out. Form thingy! It didn't work!

Shiro: Because we didn't form Voltron yet.

Hunk: Oh, right. Yeah, I know.

Pidge: Guys, whatever we're planning, let's hurry up and do it.

(Robeast growls)

Shiro: We've got to defend the Castle! Everyone, follow me. Form Voltron!

(Hunk grunting)

(Keith and Pidge grunting)

(Lance grunting)

Shiro: It's not enough!

Hunk: We'll have to try something else!

(Coran groans)

(Yellow Lion beeping)

Hunk: Are you guys seeing this?

Keith: Roger that.

Shiro: Let's see what this thing can do. Engage! Guys, look!

(Robeast snarls)

(Keith grunts)

(Robeast powering down)

(Allura sighs, groans)

Shay: Princess, are you all right?

Allura: (groaning) Did it work?

Rax: Yes. The Balmera lives. It thanks you.

(paladins panting)

(all gasp)

Allura: No!

(Robeast snarling)

Hunk: No way.

Coran: The Balmera just saved us.

Allura: Look at the crystals!

Hunk: Oh, who's a good Balmera? You are. Who ate the big monster? You did. Yes, you did. Yes, you did.

Keith: Dude, what are you doing?

Hunk: What? It's alive, and it wuvs my scwatches. (chuckles)

Shay: Thank you for honoring your vow to return.

Hunk: I should be thanking you. You made me understand what's most important. Zarkon and his Galra Empire are destroying lives. I'm a part of a team that can change that. I know that, now.

Shay: What is that?

Hunk: It's the dawn of a new day.

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