Arrow gradient left Voltron: Legendary Defender

episode 8

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Air date June 10, 2016
Written by Joshua Hamilton
Directed by Chris Palmer
Episode Transcript

Plot Summary

The team scrambles to try and fight the new Robeast, who's enhanced vision and multi-firing ability make it difficult for Voltron to counter, forcing them to retreat to the tunnels below and regroup.

However, they learn that the Balmera is dying and unless they leave, everything on the Balmera will die with it. Though the Balmerans are reluctant to leave their home, Allura convinces them to flee to safety so they can live to fight on. The Paladins work to distract the Robeast while the Balmerans climb to the surface to escape on the Castle-ship.

Suddenly, the Balmera's waning life force causes structural damage to the tunnels, leaving many of the Balmerans trapped below. Unable to fully evacuate, Allura decides to perform an ancient ritual once performed by her people to rejuvenate the Balmeran. Hunk's Bayard forms a large shoulder cannon for Voltron, granting the robot equal fire power against the Robeast, but they are still unable to defeat it.

With help from the Balmerans, Allura's ritual is able to revive the Balmera, when the defeated Robeast falls and nearly crushes everyone, the Balmera saves them in gratitude by encasing it in crystals.

Featured Characters




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