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Raible (軍師ライブル Gunshi Raiburu?) is the military strategist for Planet Altea, appointed during the reign of King Raimon. He is the Golion counterpart of Coran. He was voiced by Yūji Fujishiro.


Beast King Golion (TV series)

Raible was born sometime between the late 1940's and early 1950's. By the early 1980's he was appointed military strategist under King Raimon. During the Galran attack on Altea in 1984, he was tasked with securing the one-year-old Princess Fala. He had his wife and infant son flee the royal castle. After the king was executed under Daibazaal's orders, he raised the princess for the next fifteen years.

On the princess's sixteenth birthday, he met five astronauts from Earth who had escaped from Planet Galra. He commissioned them as the Golion team and led Altea's military in the war with Galra. [1] Being overprotective of the princess, he was at first opposed to her flying Blue Lion [2], but eventually accepted her place inn the Golion team.

A Galran plot later took an emotional toll on him, as he met a young man, calling himself Saint, who claimed to be his long lost son. In reality, Saint was a Galran saboteur who had been magically altered to look like Raible's son. Saint took over the castle's control room, and in an attempt to murder Raible, Hys was killed. Raible eventually killed the heartless imposter himself to protect Fala. Princess Fala learned the truth that Raible's real son was named Roland and he and his mother were killed in the Galran attack. Presumbaly, she told this to Raible. [3] [4]

Raible would command the invasion of Galra that culminated in the empire's fall. [5] [6] [7]



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