Princess Romelle of planet Pollux.

Princess Romelle is a member of the Arusian royal family.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe cartoon continuity

Voice actor: B.J. Ward

Princess Romelle is Allura's cousin, from the Planet Pollux, where she co-rules with her brother, Prince Bandor. Unlike her royal family and most of the people of Pollux, she's not a warmonger and hopes her home world and Arus can live together in peace. Romelle was once a slave of Lotor (who noticed her resemblance to Allura), until Sven rescued her. [1]

Together the pair fought to free her people from the Drule Empire. She and Sven eventually fell in love and lived together on Pollux.[2]



  1. There Will Be a Royal Wedding
  2. Final Victory

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