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episode 10

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Planet of the Bats
Air date Sept. 21, 1984
Based on Dairugger episode Sneak Attack on the Space Fortress
Episode Transcript

While exploring a planet, Modoc falls ill. With him down, can Voltron be formed?

Plot Summary

The S.S. Explorer discovers a new planet, the Voltron Force goes down to investigate and discover ancient ruins. The Land Team explores the ruins on foot. Modoc finds a cave and goes in alone to explore it where he is chased off by bats and goes into feverish hysterics, Cliff manages to get him back to the ship on autopilot.

Meanwhile the Drules are busy attacking a Galaxy Alliance support space station in an effort to destroy the Space Explores lifeline. While this is going on, Professor Page begins to believe Modoc is suffering from a bacterial infection contracted from the bats.

Featured Characters

Voltron Force

Explorer crew


Galaxy Garrison on Earth


Notes and Goofs

  • Voltron could not be formed without Modoc. Did it not occur to anyone, from Jeff to Space Marshal Graham, that there should be reserve pilots in the Voltron Force, even if they did not hear about what happened to Sven on Planet Arus [1]?