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episode 85 (13)

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Planet Stop for Repairs
Episode Transcript

Plot Summary

Against Commander Hazar's orders Captain Nerok hides his fleet on the electrical storm ridden planet Itlon and plans to send out a fake distress call hoping to lure the S.S. Explorer into a trap.

Aboard the Explorer, the three Voltron captains go to Hawkins to express their concerns on the continuing failure of their mission to find new worlds, they then tell him of their plan of instead hitting the home world of the Drule Empire and forcing them to sign a peace treaty. Hawkins rejects any such idea, insisting peace is the only real way. The Explorer receives the distress call discovering its Drule.

The Voltron Force sees that it is a Nerok's fleet but are confused that they didn't attack back lulling them into questioning whether they really are in distress. The Drule commanders argue over how to deal with the Galaxy Alliance, Hazar argues for peace while the others argue that there can never be peace, Hazar having to bow to the majority decision giving Nerok permission to engage. Nerok plays possum until the whole fleet is in range then releases his Robeast. Each side waits for the other to make the first move, ending up in a standoff. The Robeast not programed for such a scenario just flies away leaving the Drule fleet no choice but to do the same.

Featured Characters

Voltron Force

Explorer crew


Galaxy Garrison on Earth



Notable Edits from the Original Armored Fleet Dairugger XV episode

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