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episode 108 (36)

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Peace! A Fish Story
Episode Transcript

Plot Summary

Dorma continues to try and convince her brother that he is the only hope for the Drule Empire to overcome their warring ways and save their people.

On the S.S. Explorer the Sea Team is sent out to explore a new planet. The planet reminds them of a prehistoric earth where they discover fish that can walk on land. Hazar orders his underling Borgam to go and instigate peace talks with the Galaxy Alliance but Borgam is loyal to the Empire and plots to attack the Explorer crew instead.

Once he has Hawkins out in the open Borgam lets loose his Robeast and an assault on the Explorer. The sea team gets trapped underwater the others having to dive down to aid. Voltron fights an underwater battle with the Robeast.

Featured Characters

Voltron Force

Explorer crew


Galaxy Garrison on Earth



Notable Edits from the Original Armored Fleet Dairugger XV episode

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