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Newley on the Explorer.

Captain Newley first appeared in Vehicle Force of Voltron.He was a officer of the Galaxy Alliance.Him and his friend Commander Hawkins were in command over the stellarship Explorer.And they led the Vehicle Force on many exciting adventures in their quest for new inhabitable worlds.Eventually, he was relieved of his duties on the Explorer and he was sent back to Earth.He then worked as a advisor,for decisions in the war with the Drule Empire,for Space Marshall Graham.He conducted meetings along with Commodore Steele,Graham,and other important officers at Galaxy Garrison.He repeatedly supported actions to help the Vehicle Force. After he served as an advisor for awhile he was then assigned to command a new fleet of peace-making ships known as Trouble Shooters 119 and continued other missions in different galaxies.


In the original Armored Fleet Dairugger XIV, Captain Newley was Admiral Dick Asimov. He was the highest ranking officer aboard ship with Captain Ise Shinji (Commander Hawkins) as his executive officer. The dialogue for the English language Voltron adaptation gave the appearance that Hawkins outranked Newley. However, the animation in several cases gave clear indication of their former ranks. In some cases, Asimov's lines were visibly given to Hawkins

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