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Narti was a general of the Galra Empire and one of Prince Lotor's top generals. She was both blind and mute, unable to see or speak on her own, but communicated telepathically with Kova, Honerva's old cat, whom she used as her eyes.


Narti was killed by Lotor when he realized Haggar was using her to spy on them.

After her murder, Ezor is the first to doubt Lotor's intentions. This eventually leads to Axca and Zethrid rebelling as well, with Axca being the one to stun Lotor in order to capture him. Her relationships with others have not yet been fully detailed, but it is implied that she had the strongest connection with Ezor.


Narti possessed a cold, detached personality. She did not talk, said to be unable to. Narti had been thought to have had an unwavering loyalty to Prince Lotor, just like his other generals, but appeared to be working with Haggar against him. Narti exhibited a soft side for her cat Kova that was not explicitly shown to others, although her friendship with Ezor can be inferred. She was often stroking or petting Kova, and even Zethrid possessed a small spot for him.


As Narti was part of Prince Lotor's elite generals, she was extremely skilled and deadly in combat. She could even be described as one of the most menacing in Lotor's group. Narti was an agile and powerful fighter, and is skilled particularly in hand-to-hand combat. She often used her prehensile tail to grip/throw her opponents, choke them, or sweep them off guard.

Since she was blind, she assumedly relied on her other senses (hearing, smelling, touch) when in combat, as well as the perspective of her cat Kova, whom she could look through the eyes of to see things or opponents.

Narti's perhaps most influential and remarkable trait was her ability to telepathically control another's mind. Simply by touching another, she could put the person in a Trance state and have them do or say whatever she wanted them to. This was utilized on the Puig's ambassador to send a distress signal to Voltron and thus lure them into a trap, in the episode Changing of the Guard. Narti used the ability again to control Commander Throk and had him shut down his command outpost's defenses, allowing the group to get away with the teludav in the episode Tailing a Comet.

It is implied that Narti could also initiate amnesia in people she used telepathy on, or simply make them forget things. This is shown at the end of Tailing a Comet when Commander Throk is being interrogated by Haggar, and he says that he doesn't remember who had infiltrated his command outpost despite knowing it was Lotor's work during the attack itself.

She had a telepathic connection with her cat, Kova, which allowed her to see through Kova's eyes. This compensated for her blindness. It is presumed that since Narti's telepathic connection with Kova let her see through the cat's eyes, she could do the same thing with others.



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