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Mogor was the quietest of the Doom commanders.

Mogor was a general in the Doom military.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe cartoon continuity

Mogor served as Prince Lotor's senior military advisor. He replaced Commander Yurak. He formed a rivalry with a young alien pilot called Karp.

Mogor resented Karp for his carefree attitude and lack of military discipline.

After the Galaxy Alliance landed ground forces on Doom and wrecked Castle Doom, they promised to spare any enemy that surrenderd. The nobles begged Lotor, who had been installed as king of Doom by the Drule Empire, to surrender to the Alliance. After he refused, Mogor and some soldiers entered the throne room to remove Lotor from the throne. Though outnumbered, King Lotor responds by cutting down Mogor and everyone else in the room. Mogor was almost certainly killed or severly injured as he has not been since. Final Victory


  • Mogor was called Morgil in Lotor's new Hitman.
  • His Golion counterpart Gobra, was called Gibra in the same episode.

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