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Lion Voltron is a giant robot currently composed of five robot lions (Black, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow) joined together.

Voltron, Defender of the Universe continuity

Voltron had been defending Planet Arus for many years. It is implied (from the narration) that Voltron was instrumental in the founding of the Galaxy Alliance. During a Doomite attack on Planet Arus, the witch Haggar cast a powerful spell splitting Voltron into five Robot Lions. Keith and company made contact with the Castle of Lions and brought Voltron back into service.

Currently, Voltron is operated by the Voltron Lion Force, led by Commander Keith.


While Voltron must now form from the combining of the five Lions. Voltron was once a mecha, a sentient being of sorts before being separated into five robot Lions.


Blazing Sword

The two hands touch each other and forms a sword. This sword is often used to slay robeasts, often by slicing them in half.



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