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Lion Voltron (Voltron III or Voltron of the Far Universe) is a giant robot currently composed of five robot lions (Black, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow). To form Voltron, the five lions transform and link together, with the Black Lion forming the body and the remaining lions forming the limbs of Voltron.

This incarnation of Voltron was originally adapted from the Japanese anime TV series "Beast King Go Lion". However, the success of the series led to the story and team evolving beyond its' origins, and moving in more original directions.

Voltron, Defender of the Universe continuity

Voltron has been defender of Planet Arus for several decades. It is implied from the narration that Voltron's victories against the forces of evil in the universe were instrumental in the founding of the Galaxy Alliance. During a Doomite attack on Planet Arus, the witch Haggar cast a powerful spell splitting Voltron into five Robot Lions. Years later, after Alfor had been killed by Zarkon in battle and Arus was conquered, Keith and the Space Explorers made contact with the Castle of Lions and managed to re-activate the lions and reassemble Voltron. Since then, the Space Explorers (along with Princess Allura) have piloted the Lions and Voltron.

Currently, Voltron is piloted by the Voltron Lion Force, led by Commander Keith and piloted by himself, Lance, Pidge, Princess Allura and Hunk. Meantime, mission support for the team while they are conducting their sorties is performed at the Control Room inside the Castle of Lions, conducted by Princess Allura's Advisor, Coran.


As originally created by command of King Alfor of Arus, Voltron was constructed as a single unit and possessed an artificial intelligence. After Haggar forcibly disassembled Voltron and scattered the "lion" components across Planet Arus, Voltron now requires assembly via a transformation sequence that re-joins the lions into one robot. To operate the lions (and thus Voltron) requires the five keys integral to starting and operating the lions' systems; this system was initially installed per King Alfor's command, as a fail-safe to prevent King Zarkon's forces from stealing and using all five lions as a weapon against Arus.

Lion Voltron specifications

Voltron was separated into five separate lion robots by Haggar, Zarkon's witch. She used her formidable magical powers during an assault on Planet Arus to lure Voltron into a trap by altering her appearance into that of a beautiful "space goddess". When Voltron entered the trap, she subsequently split Arus' defender into five robotic lions; each part landing in a different location on the planet. When the Space Explorers recovered the keys needed to operate the Lions, they reassembled and reactivated Voltron.

Voltron is 197 ft tall, and weighs 771 tons when fully assembled.

Forms the body and head of Voltron. Element: Air.
Piloted by Commander Keith, the Black Lion's "lair" position is thee large tower situated in front of the castle proper. Disguised as a large winged lion statue, the Black Lion's reactivation caused this statue to crumbled from around it and reveal the Lion. Black Lion then folded its seldom-used wings.onto its' back, to deploy them when it forms the body of Voltron. Among the weapons at its' disposal in lion-mode are: Plasma Blaster, Cross Beam, Shoulder Cannon, Mouth Dagger, Fang Missiles.
Forms the right arm of Voltron, and usually holds Blazing Sword. Element: Fire.
Piloted by Lance, the Red Lion's lair is within a dormant volcano located near the castle.It's lion-mode weapons load-out consists of: Dual Shoulder Triple Barrel Mortars, Lava Cannon, Fang Missiles, and a Curved Mouth Dagger.
Forms the left arm of Voltron. Element: Forest.
Piloted by Pidge, the Green Lion was initially piloted by Keith, until before the Black Lion was recovered. The hangar Green Lion is located underground, within a large, fallen tree in a forest near the castle. It's lion-mode weapons are Dual Shoulder Turret Guns, Mouth Dagger, and Fang Missiles.
Forms the right leg of Voltron. Element: Water.
Initially piloted by Sven, Princess Allura became it's permanent pilot after Sven's injury/ capture by Zarkon's forces. The Blue Lion's lair is located underwater, within the moat that surrounds the castle. Among its lion-mode weaponry are: Dual Shoulder Blockbuster Turrets, Fang Missiles, Sidewinder Claw Torpedoes, and Mouth Dagger.
Forms the left leg of Voltron. Element: Desert.
Piloted by Hunk, The Yellow Lion's lair consists of a cave within a lion-shaped rock, located in a desert within the general vicinity of the castle. The lion-mode weapons Yellow Lion possesses are: weapons are its Plasma Flash Cannon, Radial Shoulder Blasters, Fang Missiles, and a Mouth Dagger.


Voltron possesses an extensive arsenal of weaponry, both energy-based as well as material/ physical. However, this often brings up the question: "Why doesn't Voltron use "Blazing Sword" to finish off an opponent to start with?". What one has to keep in mind in this is two factors: 1) many areas of Arus are inhabited and Voltron must often draw the enemy out from those areas as to avoid injuring or killing civilians and further destroying the inhabited areas; and 2) Voltron himself is not indestructible and damage from direct attacks, as well as "wear and tear" from combat can accrue. It makes sense then to use a variety of weapons to "wear down" an enemy, as Blazing Sword is a "close-in" attack which can expose Voltron and the team to intense damage and physical harm if the enemy has not been "softened up" first.

Blazing Sword

Voltron's ultimate weapon, Blazing Sword is a large, two-handed sword with a decorative hilt and wrist-guard. To form the sword, Voltron brings Red and Green lions' heads together, and "draws out" an energy beam roughly in the shape of a sword, akin to a warrior drawing a sword from a scabbard in front of his body. When the blade materializes, the Sword is complete and ready for combat. Extremely durable, the blade has only been broken once during combat against Zarkon's forces, and was repaired by Voltron "summoning" the broken half and reconnecting it to the rest of the blade by energizing it. This sword is usually used to slay robeasts, often by slicing them in half.

Spinning Laser Blade

Similar to Blazing Sword in composition, Voltron can form a large, metal spiked disc which can be utilized as a ranged weapon. The usual method of attack is Voltron throwing the disc at the enemy, causing significant damage in the process. This weapon is powerful enough to destroy enemy starships outright, tearing through ship armor with ease.

Lion Head Attack

In this attack, Voltron launches either both of Red and Green lion's, or all four of the "limb" lions heads in a rocket-powered attack. Each head possess a series of powerful rocket engines that allow the heads to fly independently at the selected target, with the heads returning and docking to their respective lions once the attack is completed. In one such use, Pidge actually rode in the mouth of Green lion's head in order to perform a rescue.

Lion Torches

Fired from the mouths of the Red and Green Lions, these torches project super-heated flame that can thermally damage the armor and infrastructure of Robeasts. This attack usually serves to weaken Voltron's opponents before using weapons such as Blazing sword to finish them off.

Sting Ray Missiles

Fired from the mouths of the Blue and Yellow Lions, these missiles track the enemy and add to the damage done, setting them up to be finished off by more powerful weaponry from Voltron.

Ion Darts

Consisting of small metallic darts suspended in a beam of ionized energy, this weapon is fired from the deployed "ears" on Voltron's head. While this weapon does not appear to do much damage to its' target, it does serve to "stun" robeasts for Voltron's more powerful weapons and attacks.

Eye Beams

Emitted from Voltron's eyes, these energy-based beams strike with considerable force. Usually not powerful enough to finish an opponent off, they do add to damage on a robeast, and allow Voltron to utilize other weapons while the creature is stunned from the assault.

Electro-Force Cross

This weapon consists of a "cross" composed of electricity, which emits from the cross-symbol on the Arusian seal that adorns Voltron's chest. Stunning the opponent, it allows Voltron time for his pilots to consider their strategy as the combat situation evolves.

Lion Lariat

Consisting of two hardened, physical sections connected by "links" of pure energy, the "Lion Lariat" less like a true lariat, and more akin to nun-chucks. Formed out of Voltron's body, the weapon made its' debut in the episode "The Buried Castle".

Lion Saber

Composed of two "spear" sections that Voltron removes by reaching up and over his shoulders, the Lion Saber is formed when Voltron brings the two sections together to assemble into a full, double-ended spear. Operating more like a javelin, the spear is used as a ranged weapon against the robeasts.Often not powerful enough to outright destroy the monster, the spear is useful in adding damage and keeping the creature at bay while considering strategies to take it down completely.

Argon Force Field

Composed of Argon particles suspended in energy, the force field begins as a "ball" of energy released by Voltron. The deployed field encases Voltron and his opponent, allowing no contact between either. While the force field doesn't do any damage per-se, it is useful in bringing the fight to a standstill and allowing the team some time to regroup and refocus. Rarely used by Voltron, the Argon Force Field was first deployed in the episode "My Brother Is A Robeast".


  • Originally, World Events Productions was seeking to use the series Mirai Robo Daltanious to make Voltron, but when they requested Toei for "the show with the lion", GoLion was sent instead. by mistake. WEP decided that they liked GoLion better than Daltanious and used that for the Lion Voltron. Ironically, Daltanious is made up of one of each of the types of robots used in the Voltron series: a lion, a vehicle, and a humanoid "gladiator".


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