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Letters From Home
Air date Dec. 21, 1984
Episode Transcript

"Letters From Home" is the thirty-fifth episode of the vehicle series of Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

Plot Summary

It's mail call on the S.S. Explorer and many of the crew receive news from home. Chip gets a letter from his family telling him are all fine but he doesn't seem very happy about it.

Later when the Air team is called to launch Chip doesn't even hear the alarm. Lisa discovers the letter was written by Chip himself.

The Drules set a trap for the Voltron Force, by setting up a decoy crash with a fake distress signal, the team goes to investigate, minus Chip and Lisa, and the Drules attack. Hawkins orders Cliff and his team to go and face the Drules instead. After the fights over, Jeff and Hutch question Chip over his behavior but he refuses to answer.

The Drules forces that were driven away start planning counterattack. Back aboard the Explorer, Lisa shares her discovery about Chip's letter with Krik and Jeff. Jeff sends Lisa to go talk to Chip.

When she finds Chip Lisa returns the letter to him. When Hawkins orders the teams out on patrol, Chip at first refuses to go. He confesses he wrote the letter himself. Lisa comforts him by pointing out their might be a simple and harmless reason for him not receiving a letter.

The rest of the Voltron Force lands on the planet and discovers a seemingly crashed Drule ship. Despite reservations, the teams investigate. Unfortunately they have fallen into a Drule trap. When the Drules notice Chip and Lisa are missing they spring the trap and attack, unleashing a Robeast.

Back aboard the Explorer Chip manages to pull himself together thanks to Lisa's encouraging words. Back on the planet, the rest of the team isn't having much luck against the Drule forces. Chip and Lisa arrive and the team is able to form Voltron. The team forms the Blazing Sword and swiftly defeats the Robeast, sending the Drule fleet into a retreat.

After the battle Chip learns he did in fact receive a letter, but it had gotten sent to the wrong section. The letter is from Pidge. Pidge writes that he now defends Princess Allura and her planet, and that he's been training some animals for the circus.

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Notes and Goofs

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