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This article is about the Lion Force pilot as he appears in DotU-related interpretations. For a list of other meanings, see Lance (disambiguation).

Lance is the hot-headed ace flyer of the Voltron Lion Force. He pilots the Red Lion. Lance's full name as revealed in Devil's Due Publishing comics is Lance Charles McClain.


Voltron: Defender of the Universe continuity

Lance was part of the scout team, sent by the Galaxy Alliance and led by Keith, that was captured by the forces of Doom. Space Explorers Captured

After he and the others escaped Castle Doom, they went to the Castle of Lions on Planet Arus, where they met Princess Allura and Coran and were commissioned as the Voltron Force. Escape to Another Planet Lance became the partner of Red Lion. A Ghost and Four Keys The Missing Key

Voltron: The Third Dimension

Devil's Due comics continuity

Modern Comics continuity


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