Kurogane isamu

Kurogane in his casual outfit

Kurogane Isamu (黒鋼勇 Kurogane Isamu?) aka "Moody" (お天気屋 Otenkiya?) is the sarcastic guy of the Golion space pilots and pilot of the Red Lion. He is the Golion counterpart of Lance. He was voiced by Yū Mizushima.

In fiction

Beast King GoLion

He hailed from Japan, on Planet Earth.

Kurogane has medium-brown hair in a mullet, beady eyes and lips that occasionally resemble a duck's. He most often wears a brown bomber-like jacket, a blue turtleneck, and grey-brown slacks.

Upon returning from a space voyage, he, along with Akira Kogane and the rest of the crew, witnessed the aftermath of a nuclear world war and was captured by a Galran ship. After their escape from Galra, they landed on Altea and met Princess Fala and Raible. Kurogane became part of the Golion team, and was assigned Red Lion.

Super Robot Wars W

Srw kurogane

Kurogane and the Golion cast debut in the Japan-exclusive crossover game Super Robot Wars W. The Golion team are introduced in chapter 7 where they help Nadesico on Mars against the Jovians and Galra Empire. The team explains that while out on a voyage, they were capture by the Galra only to escape from the prison fleeing to a ruined Altea.

The pilots returned to Earth with Fala, Raible and Hys in order to warn them of the Galra's plan to invade them.


  • His name, Kurogane, refers to steel/iron and specifically translates to "Black Metal".
  • At one point, Kurogane makes the claim that "Back on Earth, [he] was an expert at wrangling cats".
  • In one episode, Princess Fala falls sick and Kurogane takes the blue Lion to get a cure. This is the only time in either VDOTU or Golion that his uniform colors match his lion.
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