Kolivan is the leader of the Blade of Marmora and ally of Team Voltron in Season 2 of Voltron: Legendary Defender.


When Shiro and Keith of Team Voltron came to see the Blade of Marmora, Kolivan requiring them to leave when Keith brought with knife. At first Kolivan wanted that Keith raise the knife until he came to knowledge or death. But at last Keith had raised his knife and Kolivan came to see Allura and then Kolivan and the Blade of Marmora are now allies of Team Voltron.


Kolivan, like his society is highly secretive and paranoid. He takes the lives of his group into very close consideration and was willing to abandon the mission the second it seemed like it was falling apart. However, he does show caring for the people around him, when Antok was killed by the druids he sounded extremely horrified that he had lost one of his members.


Like the rest of the Blade of Mamora, Kolivan is highly skilled in martial arts and a sword, so he can easily hold his own in a fight. He's also shown to be a capable leader as he directs the Blade and was the one to make the plan on how to take down Zarkon's ship.


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