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King Alfor

Ghost Alfor

King Alfor is the deceased father of Princess Allura and former king of planet Arus. His ghost often appears before his daughter to provide counsel.


Voltron: Defender of the Universe Continuity

Voice actor: Peter Cullen

Not much is revealed about King Alfor before his death. It is known that he had commissioned the construction of the tunnels connecting the Castle of Lions to the lions' lairs and that he visited Planet Pollux at one point.

The circumstances of his death are clear. Sometime after Haggar had broken Voltron apart, Zarkon invaded and Alfor dueled against him in single combat in the Valley of Zohar, a canyon located a few miles from the Castle of Lions. Alfor was killed in that duel A Ghost of a Chance, and his body was laid to rest in the royal tomb in the castle underground.

He had appeared as a ghost to the Voltron Force, Coran, and Allura when they sought the keys to the Voltron lions. A Ghost and Four Keys Several times during the conflict with Doom, he would appear, either in the tomb or in the lions, to give advice.


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