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Keith is the leader of the Voltron Lion Force and pilot of the Black Lion. Keith's full name as revealed in Devil's Due Publishing comics is Keith Akira Kogane.


Voltron: Defender of the Universe cartoon continuity

Lion Force sub-series

Voice actor: Neil Ross[1]
Based on Kogane Akira from Beast King Golion

Keith was the leader of the scout team sent to Planet Arus by the Galaxy Alliance. His team's ship was shot down and they were captured by the forces of Planet Doom. [2]

After escaping from Planet Doom, Keith and company wound up back on Arus and met Princess Allura and Coran in the Castle of Lions. He and his team were organized into the Voltron Force,[3] and Keith led the team, briefly taking control of the Green Lion before turning it over to Pidge and becoming the pilot of the Black Lion. [4]

Keith led his team throughout King Zarkon's attempts to conquer Arus and destroy Voltron, dealing several defeats.

Keith developed a personal rivalry with Lotor, whom he first met face to face in a duel a few miles from the castle. [5]

Modern Comics

Voltron: The Third Dimension

Voice actor: Neil Ross[1]

Devil's Due comics continuity

Keith is a military veteran and is seen teaching karate to students at a Dojo when Colonel Hawkins and Lieutenant Brown recruit him. Keith restrains himself more in the comics than he does in the original series, and has a cold and mysterious personality that is very unlike his counterpart from the original. Keith's feelings for Allura are more obvious in the comic than in the show. He is as an extremely skilled martial artist, best shown when he defeats Lotor in a duel.

Dynamite Entertainment comics continuity