Kaltenecker is an Earth cow Pidge and Lance were given as a freebie after purchasing a Mercury Gameflux game system from the Terra store at the Unilu Space Mall. She provided milk for the paladings, living in the Castle of Lions until it's destruction. She was last seen being rescued by Lance.


  • This character is likely named after the show's line producer, Benjamin Kaltenecker.
  • Kaltenecker has udders but Lance refers to the cow with "he" when introducing the new shipmate to Shiro. This is lampshaded later on when Lance has to correct Coran and Allura, stating 'Kaltenecker is a girl'.
  • Kaltenecker helps the paladins escape from the mall cop Varkon, who believes they are space pirates.
  • Kaltenecker is an allusion to tall tales of farmers being abducted by aliens and probed by them, and having their livestock stolen. The proprietor of the shop resembles the popular concept of a Grey alien.