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episode 118 (46)

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It Could Be a Long War
Episode Transcript

Plot Summary

Emperor Zeppo fights to maintain his control of the Drule Empire. While he and Viceroy Throk conquer the new planet Commander Borgam has been tasked to distract the Galaxy Alliance away to planet Dreska.

Borgam stages a fake meeting to negotiate but when scouting it out they are attacked. Realizing it's a trap the team plans to infiltrate the base to get information on what is really going on. Jeff, Ginger and Cliff head to the command center on foot to see what they can find. They discover a map showing the new Planet Drule and the Empire's plans for an all-out invasion. The appearance of a Robeast stops them from learning more. The team run back to their ships and form Voltron to defeat the Robeast.

Featured Characters

Voltron Force

Explorer crew


Galaxy Garrison on Earth



Notable Edits from the Original Armored Fleet Dairugger XV episode

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