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episode 21

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LV A-Cold-Day 03
It'll Be a Cold Day
Air date November 21st of 1984
Episode Transcript

It'll Be a Cold Day is the twenty first episode of the lion series of Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

Plot Summary

Princess Romelle and her fellow captives escape Lotor's prison, but are pursued and forced to crash-land on the frozen world Neve. Both her brother Bandor and the Voltron Force go to rescue her before Lotor arrives.

When they arrive on Neve they find what appears to be Romelle and Bandor is overjoyed. Allura however realizes it's Haggar in disguise. Haggar changes back to her true form and Cova attacks Allura's mouse friend Cheesy. Pidge kicks Cova away and Cheesy returns to Allura's shoulder. Bandor draws his sword and charges at Haggar. But the old witch captures him and renders him unconscious as the Voltron Force fires at her. Haggar summons a magical gust of wind to cover her escape.

The Lions give chase but Haggar vanishes. Lotor is heard laughing as his ship rolls into view. Lotor steps out with Haggar, Mogor, Romelle and Bandor. He offers to trade Romelle and Bandor for Allura. Pidge calls out the prince for trading people for people.

Allura reluctantly agrees to the proposal. But a snowstorm starts, giving Keith an idea. He tells Allura to go ahead. The two of them leave their Lions and inform Lotor. The Drule Prince pushes his two hostages away as both sides make their march.

Keith shadows Allura while using a device to help him blend in with the snow. Haggar unleashes a Robeast and the three remaining Lions battle it, despite their best efforts their are useless against it.

Lotor greets Allura but is aghast when the Keith appears. Keith draws his blaster but Cova knocks his gun away. Lotor is quick to draw his laser sword and go after Keith. Keith dodges but Lotor manages to catch him at sword point. Lotor starts to gloat, until he is shot at by Bandor (using Keith's own blaster). Bandor tosses the gun back to Keith and tells him to go back for the others.

Keith warns them it's too dangerous but Romelle and Bandor don't listen. Haggar incapacitates Keith and Bandor while Lotor knocks out Romelle, kidnapping her again. Lotor's ship then leaves while Bandor and Keith swear they'll rescue Romelle.

Keith and Allura get back to their lions and the team form Voltron. Voltron summons the blazing sword and destroys the Robeast.

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"We were happy on planet Pollux, until Lotor came and turned my brother into a Robeast. When my father, the king lost his mind from it all they made my brother Prince Bandor ruler."
    — Princess Romelle offers up some exposition, as well as an explanation for why her father never makes anymore appearances in the series

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