The Interstellar Ion Cannon is a space cannon developed by the Kingdom of Doom under the administration of King Zarkon.

The cannon is capable of firing a shot that is multi-spatial, meaning that it can travel faster than light and destroy objects both in normal space and in hyperspace.

The cannon was built and tested on Planet Maura. Due to a series of events, the cannon was used against Doom, and Zarkon lost control of the cannon. Short Run of the Centipede Express

Lotor later recovered the cannon, movied it to Planet Arus, and used it to destroy Galaxy Alliance ships. Return of Coran's Son But the Voltron Force managed to capture the cannonCoran's Son Runs Amok, an event leading to Lotor being arrested. Zarkon Becomes a Robeast

The cannon was later used to clear a path for Voltron during the invasion of Doom. Lotor the King

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