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episode 14

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Inside the Music
Air date Nov 3, 2011 (USA)
Written by Mark Drop
Directed by John Delaney
Story by Todd Garfield and Jeremy Corray
Supervising director Steven E. Gordon
Episode Transcript

A massive music festival comes to Arus to celebrate peace, but Lotor has plans to disrupt it.

Plot Summary

After Wade's defeat, Larmina is tasked with organizing a universe victory concert she names The Great Galactic Music Festival for peace. However, she and the others are unaware that Lotor's spies have infiltrated the celebration.

The cadets eventually discover that Pidge is leading a secret double life when he books Larmina's favorite band Stereolatic and poses as DJ Prong. Meanwhile, the force finds out who the Drule agent is and battles a giant robeast that was created from the stage. Now able to use "Tech Ninja Voltron", Pidge's green-center form. Voltron uses it's new "Boomerang Shield" to end the sound based rebeast.

Featured Characters

Quotes of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"My brain acaly hurts."

Music fesavabul?

"Pidge, are you making us do the robot?"


  • Debut of Green Center Voltron.


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