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Haggar is an Altean user of dark magic and the most powerful Druid in the Galra Empire. She serves Zarkon faithfully, and in return benefits from his indulgence in her work.


Haggar leads a group of Druids, a mystical order of the Galra Empire, and serves as one of Zarkon's closest advisers. She was responsible for Shiro's cybernetic arm, having experimented on him during his time as a prisoner with the Galra.


Haggar has the power of quintessence at her fingertips, being able to shoot bolts of energy and manipulate it to her will. As we saw in a multitude of her experiments, Haggar is the Druid most suited to using quintessence. Haggar is also able to make illusionary copies of herself at will, and control them using her subconscious.

Haggar also enjoys experimenting with robotic elements, and on her prisoners. We can only assume that is how Shiro and Sendak got their mechanical arms.



  • Though allied with and appearing to be Galra, Haggar's true nature as an Altean was revealed when Allura managed to take down her hood during their battle. Haggar used her Altean chameleon abilities to change her appearance to look Galra.
  • She is fiercely devoted to Emperor Zarkon, risking her life to unleash a massive, quintessence-draining spell against Voltron during their battle with him.

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